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For the last 2 years I have been creating and setting up the perfect watch business. But unfortunately due to time and work restraint I can no longer properly work on this business which is why i am selling it.I have spent 2 years coming up with unique and professional looking designs as well as testing multiple samples of different materials for each component of the watch. I’ve made the watch as high quality as it can be for an extremely affordable price of £100, with the profit margins still being extremely good.

I am open to selling the whole business, or for you to join me as a business partner, as i really do believe in this company.

The specifications of the watch are:

Anti reflective coated sapphire glass with a single dome

316L stainless steel case

Miyota quartz movement

Interchangeable genuine Italian full grain nappa leather straps

With these high quality components the watch should last a very long time, as well as it giving us a USP as its very rare for a watch company to have such high quality leather straps like I do, which will make us stand out in the fashion industry.

I can see this business being top rivals with other competitors like MVMT and Daniel Wellington, but as my product is higher quality and cheaper RRP, i feel this could take over.

Future Ideas: (These are just prototype ideas, i can also come up with more and help you)

-Release limited edition watches which there design has been inspired by cities around the world with the goal of having the watches travel the world just like our brand inspiration. And to buy these watches you will have to complete a series of online puzzles.

-Build an app which tracks which cities and countries you’ve visited with the watch, and create a leader board to show who’s visited the most cities in your country, the most countries in the world etc. And have a community goal of having a watch visit each country in the world.

-With the travel theme, we could do pop up shows in the city where the watches design has been inspired from creating a very close community just like gymshark.

The watch industry will never die, everyone likes wearing a watch either for fashion or for practicality. There is huge potential for this company and lots of different expansion methods available like releasing a smart watch, or the ideas above.

I have acquired a trademark for the logo in the UK and in china (as that’s where the products are made from)

I have got a good domain (.co.uk & .com) already bought for the next year.

I have built social media channels on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. The one i found worked best was Instagram (2.6k followers)

I have an email list of over 1000.

I have a fully functioning website made on shopify.

I have worked with Instagram influencers and have had the watch covered on the channels and received great exposure from them.

I have done the down-payment on the bulk order for the watches, but need to complete the rest of payment.

I have built very good relationships with both of the suppliers (on for the straps and one for the main part of the watch)

I have sourced and worked with a great photographer who has taken professional quality photos and gifs of my watches.

I have also had a promotional video made.

I have also the packaging made, and manual and tags designed as well as another potential watch design.

All which needs doing is completing the payment for the rest of the bulk order, everything else is done.

P.S There are more photos which i have from the photographer but i couldn’t fit them all in.