The Opportunity

ETS Corporate are pleased to place on the market this excellent homebased lifestyle business opportunity. The business sells its own design of watches on the internet. Sales are already in excess of £4,000 and steadily growing. The Owner is selling due to other business interests.



This internet-based business can be operated from anywhere in the world, although it is presently based in London. Small storage space is required for the products


Business Details

This excellent, lifestyle opportunity was established by the Owners in 2016 and they are selling to focus on other business ventures.


The company manufactures and sells its own watches online. They design the watches and any reputable watch manufacturer can produce them. The business website is


The unique design of their latest collection makes their watches brand stand out, for example the floral as well as the skeleton/dog collection, which has proven to be a very unique touch to an everyday wrist watch. Above all one of their top selling is the all black wristwatch which has won the number one spot for all clients.

Included in the products are the following:



  • The stainless-steel body, brushed in an elegant rose gold, and featuring a white dial, can transform any outfit. The details in this design are eye-catching, with a gold and white seconds hand that looks great in contrast with the rose gold minute and hour hands. The genuine leather strap, in a rich brown color, enhances the design and can easily be changed if you want a new look. With a mechanism made of Japan Quartz movement, you can always depend on this watch.
  • Case: Brushed Rose Gold stainless steel with a white dial. Rose gold hands and marker / Gold and white second hand, 100% Natural genuine leather. Straps are interchangeable.


       Sleek modern style makes this a must-have watch for anyone searching for that touch of class. Its entire case is made of stainless steel in a piercing silver tone that contrasts beautifully with the white dial. The silver hands keep the cool tones and offer an easily legible dial. With a crisp black leather band, you can wear this watch day and night. The movement is highly reliable, since it depends on Japan Quartz, and with a waterproof life 3ATM, you do not have to worry about splashes when washing your hands.

All stainless-steel silver case with white dial. Stainless silver hands and maker/ silver second hand all seating on black leather strap.

CLASSIC PANTHER WATCHThe ultimate smooth and sleek watch design, this all-black stainless-steel frame with a black dial face can turn heads. The glittering stainless steel hands on the dial face are exquisitely crafted and the design is kept minimalist by removing the seconds hand. The genuine leather band in black can finish the look, but if you prefer to mix it up, the bands are easily interchanged. The beautiful, modern style of this watch is enhanced by the monochromatic hue and will be sure to earn you compliments anywhere you go. Go from day to night effortlessly with this watch on your wrist.

Brushed black stainless steel, with a black dial. Black hand & markers. This classic peace of art has no second hand. 100% natural genuine black leather.


  • An eye-catching silver watch stainless steel featuring a white dial, this is a must-have for anyone looking for a modern take on a classic watch silhouette. The white and silver minute and hour hands make this an easy-to-read watch and the seconds hand allows for the most accurate time. The Japan Quartz movement powering its mechanism is the most reliable of its kind. With an interchangeable silver mesh strap, this watch allows for customization and maximum comfort.
  • Brushed Silver Watches stainless steel with a white dial. White/Silver hands and marker / White second hand. Silver stainless steel mesh strap.




  • For a sleek, modern unisex watch that can go from day to night effortlessly, this is the watch to choose. It’s gorgeous black stainless-steel design, with matching black dial and hour and minute hands, makes it a minimalist and monochromatic dream. It does not feature a second’s hand, adding to the modernity of the design. With a waterproof life of 3ATM, it can resist splashes and other brief contacts with water. The black mesh strap can be easily changed to one of your choice.
  • Brushed black stainless steel with a black dial with black hands and markers/ no second’s hand. Black stainless-steel mesh strap.


  • This stunning watch is made of stainless steel brushed with a unique rose gold hue. It offers sophisticated elegance that is perfect for both women and men to wear. The white dial makes the watch easily legible and its sleek design brings a modern touch to a classic design. The stainless-steel mesh strap is comfortable to wear and is interchangeable for a more customized look. The Japan Quartz movement will guarantee a long life and precise time-telling.
  • Brushed Gold stainless steel with a white dial. Rose gold hands and marker / Gold and white second hand. Gold stainless steel mesh strap. Straps are interchangeable.


  • For a dramatic look that perfectly balance soft features with harder ones, this is the watch to consider. The lovely flower design in the center, done in pink, is enhanced by the black PU Leather straps.
  • This is a stunning look that will catch all eyes and that can easily match any business casual outfit. The rose gold frame and watch hands add a touch of sparkle to the design so that you have a watch that is both feminine and functional. Add this accent piece to any outfit to always have a conversation piece on your wrist.


  • A woman’s floral watch with all the beauty of spring, floral watches with this design will bring beauty to any room. The pink is perfectly complemented by the rose gold, and it is a lovely piece to wear with casual outfits as well as with dresses. The interchangeable straps allow for maximum customization, and the genuine leather will ensure that the straps last a long time.
  • This floral timepiece for women comes with a face material that has been made from top quality glass. Moreover, being manufactured from the cutting-edge PU leather, the straps of this watch are extremely resilient along with a length of 25 cm and a width of 2 cm. On top of this, this timepiece weighs only 40 g, which makes it extremely easy to wear the product anywhere the user wants. In fact, one will hardly feel that she is wearing anything at all.


  • This watch is a perfect addition to business attire. The genuine leather bands are interchangeable, with this one coming in a luscious caramel color that will look great with business casual wardrobes.
  • The black dial face offers an excellent contrast that is easy to read and that features a gorgeous depiction of two skeletons, a human and a dog, walking. Bringing a modern touch to a sleek, classic silhouette, this is one watch to consider adding to your wardrobe.


When you want a watch that makes a statement, this one is one to consider. The gold framework pops against a dark brown overall design, and the genuine leather offers a sleek, elegant look for day or night.

The Japan Quartz Movement ensures the watch is always accurate and that it has a long-lasting life. The main feature are the skeletons in the center, a human and dog, that are intricately crafted for maximum detail.



  • A unique dial design makes this a must-have item for anyone searching for a conversation piece for his or her wardrobe. The sleek black design is accentuated by a gold frame, as well as gold hands and numbers.
  • The centerpiece, of course, is the gorgeous detail of dog and human skeletons on a walk. It can easily go from day to night, and will be sure to earn you lots of attention. Apart from the beauty of the design, the Japan Quartz Movement offers the most accurate time-telling option, to ensure that your watch is always precise.



There is potential to grow the business by possibly branching out to more accessories such as leather wallet and women purses to sell individually as well as a combo with a wristwatch. Most watches are now sold with an additional matching item and competitors are selling bracelet alongside their watches as a combo. However, one thing everyone likes is a nice wallet for the men and a beautiful purse for the ladies and this can be a very unique selling point.


They have been featured on Standard News, The Guardian and Tatler Magazine (Vogue). They have also been accepted to sell on ASOS Marketplace. They have a subscribers list of 310 previous client and people of interest to their brand.


Social media has played a huge part in their branding as well as attracting new clients. Social media competitions, also selling on reputable third-party marketplaces’ such as and with each sale send a 20% OFF return customer flyer which can only be used on their website. Around 18-22% of sales are from repeat business and they have been featured in several newspapers and magazines. They have 1,487 Facebook followers with 6 customers reviews, and 1031 Twitter followers. Instagram plays a huge social media role with 6,798 followers and has helped create good brand awareness.




The unique selling points of the business are:


  • Great reputation within the local area
  • Unique and strong client base
  • Successful business model
  • Based in an area with plenty of potential for continued growth
  • Good, reliable, professional and energetic staff.


What are the major strengths of the business?


  • The uniqueness of their watch designs
  • Quality and prices which puts them at a better position than their competitors.
  • First page of Google for black floral watch.


What are the major weaknesses of the business?


  • Marketing budget required to grow the business and create more brand awareness


What opportunities are there for the business?


  • Brand awareness
  • Social Media
  • Selling on more platforms


What are the main threats to the business?


  • Competitors copying the products



Trading Hours

24 hours 7 days per week.


Financial Details

The turnover has been over £4,000 and the website is valued at over $1,000




The business is re-locatable and operated and can be relocated.



Ref:    13370

Price: £11,995





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