SecuritySmart provides IT security training for employees in a company. It was designed and developed by Robert Schifreen, an internationally-known expert on cybersecurity.

A company subscribes to the service via the website at and pays an annual subscription fee. Then, staff within the company sign up (for free) to receive the training, which is delivered weekly by email.  Learning analytics are included.

The system is fully up and running, requires minimal maintenance, and has an incredibly high gross profit margin. It is ready for you to market and promote to businesses of any size. The purchase price for the business includes all of the software for managing the training (which was custom-written by us) as well as all of the training material, plus the website. The training content was the result of more than a year’s extensive research into the key IT security awareness topics that affect businesses.

Note that the location of the business specified on this system is irrelevant. Everything is online. Two days of handover training will be provided at any location in the UK.