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We are a marketplace for business buyers and sellers. Dedicated solely to the sale of businesses in the UK. We are 100% commission free, we take no fees when your business sells. You can list your business for sale in under 10 minutes!


We provide a safe, secure environment for sellers to advertise their small, medium or large business, and buyers to find a business that meets their precise criteria.


Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is on hand 24/7, so if you do need help and advice in your search for a business in the UK, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Check out some of the popular business categories for sale. If you are looking to sell your business with us you can list your business for sale now! We also have a list of businesses for sale here . If you are unsure what your business should sell for why not try our value my business service.


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By using our advertising packages, selling your business has never been so simple. While our Bronze Account £29.99 is perfect for those looking to upload one listing, the Gold Account £149.99 is better suited to those wanting to upload up to 10 listings. For those with two local businesses for sale, we strongly recommend the Silver Account.

With Business Trade Centre, you pay a one-time fee for your listing, meaning that you don’t have to worry about making a monthly payment. What’s more; your local businesses for sale listing are live for 365 days or until you have sold the business, allowing you to focus on advertising your business. With each of our advertising packages, you can be confident that you will receive enquires from genuine buyers, helping speed up the process.

Regardless of the chosen account type, you can rest assured that you will be able to edit your local businesses for sale listing(s) at any time, optimise your listing(s) with ease and receive 24/7 support from a member of our friendly expert team. What’s more, when you choose Business Trade Centre, your business will be featured on the homepage and shared on our social media channels to ensure that your business achieves maximum reach at no extra cost!

From business for sale London, to business for sale Essex, selling your business has never been so straightforward. Buyers are able to search for a business by category from Bars and Food & Drink Businesses, to Off Licenses and Post Offices, helping to ensure that your business remains relevant to all user searches. In addition, with Business Trade Centre, users can search for a business by location and keyword, which can help to make your business stand out as the best in the desired area.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking to sell your business send us a message or submit an advertisement by registering an account, today.

Find Businesses For Sale

Are you ready to find a business to buy? Then you’re in the right place. At Business Trade Centre, you’ll be able to browse a wide range of UK businesses, allowing you to choose the perfect commercial venture for you. Whether you want to buy a business for sale near me in a sector you already know, or you’re inspired to try something completely different, you can expect to find plenty of opportunities at Business Trade Centre.

Search via business type and location to find a business that truly captures your mind.
You don’t need to register on the website to view businesses for sale in the UK, which means you’re free to browse at your leisure.

All advertisements have a lengthy description as well as up to 15 eye-catching images, allowing you to determine if a business fits your requirements.
If it does, you’ll be able contact the seller directly to find out more.
With advanced features and a user-friendly interface, finding your next business via Business Trade Centre couldn’t be easier.

Local Businesses For Sale

When you choose Business Trade Centre, you can be confident that you will be able to sell your business with ease. In just three simple steps, you can display your local businesses for sale and allow potential buyers to connect with you, whether you have a business for sale London or business for sale Essex. With the ability to create your listing in less than 5-minutes and save money by selling with Business Trade Centre according to your selling price and typical agent’s commission, don’t waste your valuable time attempting to sell your business elsewhere.

When you set up your business for sale London or business for sale Essex advertisement with Business Trade Centre, you are given an unlimited business description, allowing you to truly convey the purpose of your business. With the opportunity to display up to 15 high-quality images on your advertisement, you can showcase exactly what potential buyers will receive as part of their investment. Furthermore, you can also add your website and social accounts to your advertisement in order to truly showcase the popularity of your business for sale London or business for sale Essex.

Buying a Business

Buying an existing business can be a successful route to becoming your own boss. It can also be quicker, easier and less risky than starting one from scratch. However, it’s also a big step and a serious commitment that needs careful consideration.
Before buying a business, you need to consider whether ownership will satisfy your needs – financial, professional, personal and lifestyle.

If it does, that’s your green light to go ahead and make your business dreams a reality.
Fortunately, Business Trade Centre, exists to make the process of finding and buying a business in the UK as simple and stress-free as possible.
Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is on hand 24/7, so if you do need help and advice in your search for a business in the UK, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Selling a Business

Business Trade Centre is a website for business owners to sell their business fast.
Since our platform is dedicated purely to helping business owners and brokers sell their business, we are the number one website for matching a business for sale with a genuine, potential buyer.

With Business Trade Centre, buyers use our advanced search tool to search for their ideal business. This means that your business for sale will appear directly to buyers who are genuinely interested in your business-type and location.
More than 10,000 buyers visit our site a month and we have around 40,000 monthly page views. It will take you just a few minutes to list your business for sale and then you can sit back and relax – and wait for buyers to contact you!


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