5 Types of Videos Every SaaS Company Should Create

Today, video has become the top rolling content you should look forward to creating if you want to engage more with your prospects and increase your conversions. Most customers love what they see, and video is one of the ways to meet this demand. This makes video one of the most preferred content for SaaS companies.

But which videos are the best for marketing? Which videos should SaaS companies use in their marketing strategy? Here we discover some of the best videos every SaaS company should look forward to creating in 2022.

  1. Introductory Videos

Introductory video is the first and most engaging video every SaaS should look forward to creating. If you want your SaaS company to get discovered online when starting your business, you can promote your videos via online ads and introduce your brand.

This type of video is more helpful in creating brand awareness. You can set customer profiles and use video ads to target them. All you need is an online video maker that makes it easy for you to create and edit your videos.

There are a lot of brands using videos out there to market. Therefore, you want to ensure your Video Ads are catchy, informative, high quality, and more conversational to convert most viewers. Use video marketing tools to put your video on the right platforms and market your brand simultaneously.

  1. How-To-Videos 

You don’t know that most of your prospects are probably going online to search for a product that can offer a solution to their problems. If you are introducing a new SaaS product in the online market, the best you can do is create a how-to video showing your customers how to use the product.

How-to videos are the most popular amongst customers because everyone takes value to any educational content?

You can use this to your advantage and generate more leads for your business. With how-to videos, you can build brand awareness and establish your business as an authority in the industry. As a bonus, you can also try creating shoppable videos.

There are plenty of how-to videos on the internet already. Therefore, you want to ensure that the video you create stands out from the rest. Your video should be short, simple, educational, and fun.

  1. Explainer videos 

An explainer video is a type of video you create to explain to your customers what your product can do and how it can do it. It aims at helping customers understand how the product you are offering can help them solve their pain points.

This type of video takes your customers through the key features of the software you are offering and its functionalities.

At least 83% of people watching explainer videos agree that it helps them make purchase decisions. Explainer videos will talk about the benefits of the product and what it does to offer solutions to customers. If customers watch an explainer video, they can decide if the product is ideal for them or not.

  1. Testimonial video 

Do you want to establish social proof and make customers believe and trust in your brand? Well, a testimonial is an excellent video to help you achieve this. A testimonial video can help your customers imagine how it feels using your software, making them more likely to purchase.

When creating testimonial videos, you should target a different audience. Make it easy for every customer viewing the video to imagine using the product you are offering. You can achieve this by creating videos for different ages, gender, and interest groups.

You can couple up your video marketing strategy by sending relevant testimonial videos to your email subscribers. Moreover, you can also identify some companies to send videos to using LinkedIn search. As Built To Last SEO suggests, tools such as Hunter.io can help you identify the email addresses of decision makers of your target companies.

Talk about the customer journey in the video and not just customers having the product. Remember, your only objective is to convert the viewer to a buyer, and you can do this by confirming to the customer how the product can help boost their life. Include your struggles in the past and how the SaaS product you are offering has made your life easy.

  1. Meet the team videos 

Customers want to know the face behind the product you are offering. The best way to do this is by creating a meet the team video. This type of video can make you stand out from other brands because it gives life to your company.

Your customers will be able to see a team of friendly people they can easily get along with. In this type of video, you should try to bring out your employees from the junior staff to top managers.

Cover their personalities, life experience, job position, and duties in the company. Present your employees’ passions, duties in the company, and job positions in a fun and engaging way. These videos should help you establish a relationship with your target customers and generate more leads to your business.

Final Thoughts

If you want to convert more customers and increase your marketing ROI, videos are the right tool to use. There are many types of videos you can use. The five listed here should help you generate leads and take your SaaS company to the next level.

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