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Buying a Business Vs Starting Your Own

Being a business owner means different things to different people. For some, a business is the product of years of work and represents blood sweat and tears. In other cases, a business may just be a source of income that may have been the result of an acquisition. In this article we explore if it…

business funding
An Alternative View To Business Finance In The UK

When it comes to business funding, there are many options available. Although the type of business that you have, along with the level of funding that you require will determine what financing option you explore. Angel Investor Angel investors are individuals with a high net worth that look to back businesses in return for an…

how to sell a cleaning business
How To Sell a Cleaning Business

Are you thinking of selling your cleaning business, or do you want to retire and get out while you still can? Your business may have experienced a downturn, and you’re thinking about selling it. Perhaps you’d like to change your life and career.   Irrespective of your position, there are some things you need to…

is it time to sell a business
Is it Time to Sell the Business?

The global pandemic has resulted in some of the most unprecedented economic downtimes throughout the world. Recent statistics showing the UK having the highest economic slump as compared to other countries like Germany, France, Spain, and Italy may have left you as a business owner confused. Compounded by the confusion and uncertainty on how to…

cloud storage
3 Tips To Facilitate A Smooth Cloud Migration Process

You might be feeling overwhelmed by moving to cloud storage after onsite-database options. There are a few things to consider such as data protection on the cloud, management of the transition to the cloud and the overall control of data since it’s not hosted on the premises. You might be looking for ways to ensure…

Tips For Small Business Success
Great Tips For Small Business Success

Be realistic about your expectations. Understand that running a small business is not for everyone. Think about whether your natural talents and personality type are suited to small-business ownership. Many people find that they are happier and richer working for a guaranteed paycheck. Sort out your personal finances. Before entering the world of entrepreneurship, you…

A Guide To Scheduling Your Employees
A Guide To Scheduling Your Employees

When companies are startups, systems are necessary in order for the business to produce results. As the startup grows, the same system can continue to be used in order for the business to grow and continuously produce results. In this system, the most important aspect is the employee work schedule. By having an efficient and…

Office Furniture
How To Choose Your Office Furniture

Office managers who take their job seriously need to do everything they can to choose the best office furniture for their team, as that’s a great way to ensure their comfort and therefore to boost their productivity. This is why choosing the perfect furnishings requires careful selection and a thorough evaluation of all available options….

branding a office
6 Top Tips For Branding An Office

Office branding is the art of designing/shaping an office space to reflect your company. This isn’t necessarily the paintwork or company logos on the wall, but instead creates an attractive environment for both the staff and customers/clients. This is one of the reasons why careful consideration and planning is needed for the best results, functionality,…


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