**This listing is £850,000 for 10% of the solar farm NOT the entire farm**

Solar is hot right now.

We are currently developing a 5 MW solar farm in the south of the UK, which will power thousands of homes in the surrounding area whilst also saving well over a thousand tons of carbon each year.

The company building it (ours) has contacts with several major solar panel installation companies and energy companies to be able to get the best quality solar panels at the most cost-effective price, whilst also being able to sell the energy the solar farm produces at a much higher rate than the industry average, thus giving us a larger profit margin.

We are currently seeking eight or nine investors to purchase a 10% stake each (we are willing to sell larger stakes eg. 20% for £1.7 million if you want to purchase a larger share). As an investor, you won’t need to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the solar farm unless you want to (we will cover that for you).