The Business:

SuckerStraws supplies bars & restaurants across the globe with zero-waste metal straws that help them impress their customers.

The business already:

  • Supply 50+ businesses across 12 countries
  • Have saved 500,000+ straws from landfill
  • Operate in a rapidly growing market (worth $9B USD by 2025)
  • Have headline customers such as Curzon Cinemas and Richard Branson’s Necker Island
  • Are a 100% carbon-neutral business
  • Help fund Kenyan reforestation projects

Why Now:

Disposable straws are out. Consumers and governments around the world are demanding that the hospitality industry reduce waste.

81% of consumers feel strongly that companies should help the environment while 73% are already changing their consumption habits to reflect this.

The Current Options for Bars & Restaurants:

Plastic Straws are being banned. Paper straws go soggy, ruining the drink and experience. ‘Bio’ is deceptive as it won’t actually break down in landfill or the ocean. Single-use straws continue to exhaust out natural resources.

Venues that are failing to adapt will lose customers.

Benefits to the venue of using SuckerStraws instead:

  1. Increased footfall: Sustainability boosts demand and gets customers talking.
  2. Improved pricing power: upgrades drinks and differentiates their offering.
  3. Sustainability and cost-savings: reusable like cutlery, stops endless waste, and saves the business money.

Customer Reviews:

Curzon Cinemas were interviewed by DEFRA UK about their switch to reusable metal straws:

The Current State of Business:

Trademarks: “SuckerStraws” and “Sucker Straws” wordmarks registered with the IPO

Accreditations: Working with Sustainable Restaurant Association to help their venues Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Warehousing & Fulfilment: Outsourced to Fulfilmentcrowd.

Business Processes: Orders come in to our email address or the website and are processed manually. We have negotiated agreements with an extremely high-grade manufacturing facility in China.

Why are we selling:

The founders have to move back to Australia for family reasons and would like to sell quickly.

We will provide post-sale support with the transition for 2 weeks.

This business is perfect for someone with marketing and B2B sales expertise who genuinely believes in changing the world for good.

After buying this business, you will:

  • Own the future profits.
  • Own part of the zero-waste revolution.
  • Feel proud going to venues that serves SuckerStraws
  • Be able to tell your friends that you own this company.

 But if you decide not to, you will:

  • MISS OUT on any future profits.
  • MISS OUT on the zero-waste revolution.
  • MISS OUT on feeling proud going to venues that serves SuckerStraws