We are a Caravan and Motorhome online Accessory Show that attends the outdoor shows for general public to attend for long weekends.

The industry is thriving, we have had this company for 12 years and due to running 2 other new businesses we no longer have time to run this one.

We are set up with all the major suppliers in the UK, the website is set and SEO is correct.

You would be buying the complete the company name, reputation and website. This business  can be operated online any where in the world, the motorhome shows tend to all over the country and quiet enjoyable to do.

Get in touch if your interested, we are not in any rush to sell as we are happy to keep plodding on with it.

The price the company is advertised for does even cover the net advertising fees we’ve spent to get it established. The price is fair for a running, potential massively expanding business.