This business is in the centre of a very busy and active student area. Sandwiched between University buildings and student accommodation this location is a great stop for students heading to lectures or going back after a long day of studying. Alongside the university students, we have school’s students from King Edwards school and many offices surrounding the area. The business faces a very busy main road and sidewalk, which you will struggle to find empty. With many potential customers going past the location every day. Access to a main road also allows delivery drivers to swiftly park and not mess around looking for spaces. 

The location is fully refurbished and fully equipped, meeting all the required standards for a safe working environment. The main gallery area features gorgeous white and black tile flooring, exposed brick walls facing a wall wide mirror for a rustic and hipster feeling. The gallery can be filled with 22 people, with high-quality wood and metal tables that can easily be moved around to accommodate a larger group. The gallery is also exposed to an open kitchen which is fully equipped with brand new high-end equipment. Alongside the kitchen, we have a separate area for pot washing and a dishwasher.

Bellow the main gallery and open kitchen, we have got a very large office space, dedicated staff room, dry-storage, private staff toilets and a large preparation kitchen fully equipped with fridges, freezers, ice machine and other necessities. 

Our kitchen is an expert in fresh and delicious food. A broad and original menu created by a head-chef with many years in the trade. The menu features many original dishes with 5-star ratings online. Pizzas, Wraps, Pasta, Salads and many other dishes, we also provide a wide range of healthy smoothies and delicious mocktails (which can be turned into cocktails if wanted). The upper bar area also has a dedicated coffee grinder and a barista grade coffee machine.

We have an extremely good reputation, gathering hundreds of positive reviews online and have a very positive interaction with our customers on a daily basis and have created many loyal customers. Our customers range from school students, university students, office workers, families, kids and seniors. We also cater to people with religious or dietary needs by having Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Halal options. Our busiest times are doing lunch-hour rush in Broomhill and in the evenings when we have a large number of deliveries, with a handful of deliveries sprinkled out through the day.