Wild Spirit has a beautifully and professionally custom designed website, with over 200 creative product descriptions already installed.Products from suppliers tried and tested ( comes with list of suppliers)Imported real reviews. Custom Logo.Facebook and Instagram included with followers.Email Account.Essential apps installed: Orbelo, kit, Shopify,Reviews, Great profit margins of between 60-80%.Reason for selling website, it was created for a member of my family but due to her personal circumstances she is no longer able to take over the reins, and for me personally I do not have the time or the know how to promote this business to take it to the next level.Through research the Boho Jewelry and accessories market is a very profitable and popular niche, and all items have great profit margins!The Website is up and running and everything is included just needs someone with passion and knowledge to take it to the next level.This business can be run from any location throughout the world, all products are drop shipped so need to worry about inventory!