Greener Lawn is a revolution in Lawn Rejuvenation.

Greener Lawn transforms Dull, Worn, Pale, Lifeless and Shabby grass areas in to lush rich vibrant healthy green lawns Instantly within just 2 Hours

The “GreenerLawn Business will make you RICH, it has the very real potential to produce very high earnings . . . Of that there is no doubt. After all it’s a Product and Service which will attract very high and considerable demand among both House Owners and Businesses alike.

If you are prepared to run your GreenerLawn Business for 6 hours a day for five days a week you can quite easily, depending on what you choose to charge for your services in YOUR OWN area, make an average of £352 per hour or £2,112 per day or put another way £10,560 a week which equates to £42,240 per month as an individual working entirely on your own . . . Well that’s over £500,000 each year!!!!

If you also decided to really build a business employing other people to do the work for you (on a job by job basis) then you could be earning millions of pounds each year! Which is what we did, we got 4 people working for us. You can do the maths yourself, 1 person £500,000 per year, 4 people £2,000,000 (million) per year and so on.

It is literally like printing your own money…..

This is not no affiliate, or dropshipping or ecommerce business which promises the earth but delivers nothing. This is a genuine, physical business which delivers what it promises. Someone is going to get Very Rich from this, get it while you can. You have seen all the ‘Get Rich’ schemes, this is the Genuine Get Rich Quick scheme.

Well over 90% of all British Homeowners who have either a Front or Back Lawn or grass area want, and indeed long for, a super green Lawn. Why? . . Because to have a deep rich lush healthy vibrant emerald green lawn presents a sense of luxury and well being, it also adds Value and Appeal to the property . . . It’s just nice!!!

There are over 25,000,000 (Twenty Five Million) lawns in Britain, homes with either grass on the front of the house or grass at the rear of the house or both. A very great many have tried, without any real success, to produce that luxury lawn or grass area they so long for.

Millions upon Millions of UK homeowners have used an array of fertiliser products seen in adverts on TV, in Magazines, in Newspapers and on-line. Despite spending a small fortune buying those products, and applying those products to their lawns, a significant majority fail to achieve their desired results. In fact UK home owners spent £62,000,000 (Sixty Two Million) last year alone on just lawn fertilisers. Yes just lawn fertilisers.

Well the Market for Greener Lawn is absolutely vast . . .

Private Households (90% of UK Home Owners)

Landlords wanting to improve the appearance of the grass areas of their property

Hotels with grass areas and lawns

Country Clubs with grass areas

Guest Houses with grass areas

B and B’s with grass areas

Country Restaurants with grass areas

Estate Agents selling client Houses which need better looking grass areas for better

presentation, making the property more appealing and attractive to potential buyers

Private Housing Estates needing better looking communal grass areas

Office Buildings with Grass Fronts and Grass Verges

Local Tourist Centres with Grass Fronts

Churches with Grass Fronts

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Your Greener Lawn Service Business can produce instant lush green grass in just an hour or two.

Greener Lawn is a Brilliant “Self-Generating” Business like no other


Just to be absolutely clear ALL claims made are 100% Guaranteed!!

Greener Lawn will INSTANTLY (within 2 Hours) transform a dull, lifeless ,drab, unhealthy looking lawn or grass area into a Rich Emerald Green Lush Healthy Vibrant Lawn in around two hours. GUARANTEED!! . . . 100% GUARANTEED

Once you have tested it you will fully appreciate just how revolutionary Greener Lawn actually is. You will no doubt also then realise it’s very real potential as a thriving Business with a simply vast “Untapped Market” .

Our Product is a Game Changer in Lawncare. There is No Competition for our product.

Once in a lifetime an opprtunity comes along which can change your life, this is it.  Dont miss out on a 100% Guaranteed way to make millions. Customers will call you because this is a product 25 Million lawns in the UK Need and will want.

You will receive everything including:-

Brand Name, Website and Domain Name, all leaflet and stationery templates including Logo, contact email lists for corporate clients, estate agents, all the equipment and of course the details of the manufacturer for the magic product, who will do a very good deal for you. This is the Only manufacturer and supplier of this product.

This can be sold as Regional Franchises with yearly Brand Fees of 100K for an income where you dont need to do anything. We were looking at 10 Regions x £100K = £1 Million every year. You can corner the whole of the UK market with this as there is NO DIRECT COMPETITION.

Just imagine the £Millions you can make from just the Franchise fees and retire. You will still get paid the Franchise fees every year, £Millions for doing nothing.

This was something we were looking at, and in fact the Franchise Prospectus has already been written and produced (we will include this in the sale)

Some Really Exciting News…….

We have today added 2 Fantastic New Products to the Greener Lawn business, which are a very ease addon sale to all your customers and a lot of extra revenue.

  1. The Greener Lawn Moss Killer – Kills Moss in under 2 HOURS, Strengthens Grass, Feeds and Greens-up Grass.
  2. The Greener Lawn Patch Repair Spray – The Instant Solution to unsightly Patches on lawns, caused by Pet Damage and Accidental Damage by scalping high spots.

These are 2 very exciting and in demand products that will further enhance this Amazing business as it continues to grow. Just image adding these to every sale and generating £thousands and £thousands of extra revenue.

Greener Lawn been listed on Local Services as the 3rd Best Lawn Care company in the UK!!!!!!

That in itself is an amazing achievement, which will further enhance our reputation and obviously increase demand for our products.

Also after long discussions and deliberations we have decided to include the company vehicle as part of the package. It is a small van we use to get around and has all the company brandings, website info and phone numbers on. That basically completes the package for the best ready to go business that will make some lucky buyer £Millions.

Please note we are open to offers, but any silly offers will be rejected straight away. We are not desparate to sell and will only sell at the right price as we do not want to devalue the business. Also we want it to go to the right person(s), someone who will really appreciate exactly what they are getting.

As we are in the middle of a pandemic and taking into consideration the state of the economy we have made a very important decision.

As we have already made our money from this business we are not greedy so we will make it easy for someone to purchase this amazing business.

With lockdown being eased we are being inundated with customers. If anyone wants to make their fortune now is the best time to do it. Just remember there 25 Million lawns in the UK and they will all look very worn, pale and unhealthy. They will All need our product and they will ask for the product because they have all been neglected. Also dont forget our product protects against frost so you will also get a lot of business throught the Autumn/Winter. None of our competitors can provide that and only work in the summer months.

There is so much business out there for you to easily become a Millionaire. We do not mean maybe or you might, but you definitely can become a Millionaire. We guarantee you will not find any other business like this anywhere.

Price has been reduced to only £900,000 !!!!!!!!

This is a fantastic price for a business that will make you a millionaire. You can easily make this back in your first year and from then on its pure profit. If you decide to sell the franchises then you can really make some very serious money.

Please note we have listed it on several other sites and have received some offers, although not significant offers. We expect these buyers to come back with improved offers an this business will sell soon. Dont miss out.