A Tour Operator which started in Rome is sadly being put up for sale not long after founding for personal reasons.

The company currently has 0 revenue and very minimal operating costs.

Coats are:

Technical Director: 150-300 euros monthly

Licence and Insurance fees: circa 600 euros a year

Virtual Office or Home Address: Varies

General operating costs are made AFTER customer bookings for tickets, guides and headsets, so you are not forced to operate at a loss.

The business also has partnerships across Italy, Spain, France, Dubai, Iceland, Croatia, London and a few others. Commissions rates are between 15-35% on these bookings.

Along with affiliate partnerships with Booking.com and Nomad Travel Insurance.

Support from myself can be included. As previously I operated as a senior manager for one of the leading Tour Operators in Europe.

The Tour and Activities market has grown dramatically over the last few years, the approaching summer months are a great opportunity to get the company operational. Given someone who can dedicate money and time to marketing, I could estimate around 500,000 gross revenue in the first year.