This is an entrepreneurs dream! One off business for sale by owner. Hello, many thanks for taking the time to read my advert. I have always had a property side to my business, but the beauty industry is where my passion lies. I run my own hugely successful online beauty business and over recent years, I have watched the health and anti ageing market boom, making fortunes for those fortunate enough to be involved with the right product. I was soon investigating this multi-million pound market for myself asking many questions, such as, why do people pay so much for anti-aging creams, what is the cost to manufacture, and how can a single small jar of cream sell for £00s and become one of the worlds best-selling creams? (Crème de la Mer – £150—£1,500! – check it out I was now intrigued…how hard can it be to start my own anti-ageing cream manufacturing and sales business, especially one that can be based at home?

And so, two years ago, I began looking at ways to manufacture a new, different system, which would offer a day AND night skin protection. However, it was not plain sailing and it took me many months to become familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding this business, together with the technical, legal and health testing processes required before a product is legally permitted to go on sale. Following an intensive ‘learning curve’ the business was born. I am the first to admit that it’s a very basic holding website, with much room for improvement, but it is the start needed in order to evaluate and move forward.

One of the major factors besides all the technical, health and legal regulations of setting up and marketing a new beauty care system, was how to price the product? The business certainly wasn’t at the Crème de la Mer stage….yet! So, after identifying the position in the market for the business, and knowing how to create a national and international market using my own proven method, I arrived at a price. Now the product has £125 clear PROFIT per sale. By introducing new products as the business grows, I genuinely believe there is the potential to develop this tiny, start-up business, in to a multi-million £££ company, in the right hands.

This was my ‘baby’ and I am most reluctant to see it go after investing hundreds of hours of my time, not to mention THOUSANDS of £££’s hard cash, but due to recent illness, I now need to take my foot off the pedal. I would therefore consider taking on a new owner, assuming the right person came along, who has that ‘certain something’ which makes a true entrepreneur. So please, only genuine enquiries from those who will take the time to meet with me in person. Unfortunately due to time wasters, no more information will be given until we meet. Thank you for taking the time to read the above and I look forward to you contacting me. This advert could change your life.