Online Stores (ebay & amazon) – comes with ALL stock (A HUGE amount)

we buy and sell Paper Collectables mainly

at the time of typing this we had:£96,321.75 worth of saleable value Qty: 28,348 items listed on Ebay currently£88,000+ worth of saleable value Qty: 8,528 items listed on Amazon currently This increases daily (both items and value)

plus about the same again or more ready to be put online

we are Lincolnshire based but this could be moved UK wide easily & quickly

we are taking approx £2500-£3500 monthly at the moment but every penny is put back into the business to increase our stock..

Will be sold legally using a solicitor & we will require proof you can afford a business like this before entering into any negotiations. (had to many chancers before sorry)

plenty of options to increase takings and / stock easily either by yourself or using staff.

No experience needed , just the willingness to work and/or the cash to have staff do it for you

A Clean 100% dry room/garage or office would be needed to store/run this business