More Details

Opportunity New Business

Years Established 1

Accommodation No

Business Type Web-Based

Staff No

Trademarked Cleaning Company/Business that can be Franchised for Sale

*** ORIGINALLY £12,900 – However, Willing to sell at £9,800 for an earnest buyer! ***

You won’t receive such a business opportunity in your life, like this again!

Some teams who we’ve worked with:

  • Camel Design Limited
  • LOGOandSLOGAN Team
  • Team
  • Emu Business Limited
  • Carmit Chan Corporation
  • Meraki Basis SRL
  • ONCEhosting SSD Cloud Hosting provider
  1. Seller Bio

With 16 years of experience as a business developer in various market areas starting from Environmental and Manufacturing to Retail and Corporations – my experience is vast, well-positioned and indisputable. I have a First Level degree in COaltSO methodology, I am focused, dedicated and expert in developing new affairs and branding, to find start-up opportunities and to help grow other businesses, through rebranding processes, marketing strategies and reshaping the whole activity if is necessary.

  1. Executive Summary

One of the most successful businesses in the UK is cleaning services, which have a steady growth trend from year to year. With the influence of Covid-19, the growth became even more pronounced as a result of demand, which driven a gradual inoculating of the need for online payment systems and online orders. From this perspective, online presence is a necessity and a must. This business that I present to you has all the advantages that position you from the beginning in the sphere of leadership, coordination, management and can allow you to focus on business development. You can be a cleaning worker who already knows a bit about this business and you probably don’t have a stable, solid and trustworthy online presence or you can be ambitious and you want to develop your own business by hiring other people or you can even be yourself a business developer that gets ready to go viable business.

By acquiring this business, you receive not just an incredible number of benefits, but you receive ALL YOU NEED to run your OWN BUSINESS in 3 days! Yes in 3 days you can run this business and trust me when I say to you that you won’t find these OFFER ANYWHERE else. Guaranteed!

What’s available?

  • A Branded Registered Company Name in the United Kingdom,


  • TRADEMARKED in the United Kingdom BUSINESS NAME with 10 Years remaining,

Trademark number UK00003613031

  • Branded and trademark Logo and Images on the website,
  • Registered trademark slogan,
  • Bank account at a prestigious British Bank, with debit cards, online payments facility,
  • Unique Domain name –,
  • Unique Website build on WP –, the website is protected against copying,
  • Professional business corporate Email Address [email protected],
  • You can make other emails addresses as many as you like with a 10GB quota,
  • Online access to your company at the Registrar – 1stformations,
  • Private Accountant at a well-known Accountancy Company in London,
  • Social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and YouTube,, Twitter,, MailChimp, reCAPTCHA 2 API,, trustpilot,
  • FREE SSD Cloud Hosting with Unlimited to Unmetered for the first year, then 120GBP/year,
  • You can build as many websites you want on your hosting package, free website builder,
  • Multiple plug-ins to choose from,
  • NO MONTHLY FEES for the first year,
  • It is a Relocatable Business / You can Work from home,
  • Already set recommended prices for each product with profit,
  • My business is on Google pages number 3,
  • Way Over 15 services have already been added with detailed descriptions,
  • Interactive/Responsive on every platform.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s a bargain! Take it now!

  1. Operations

You can save space and money by not wasting on renting costs, time with this ready-to-go business opportunity at your doorstep. No need to stress about putting it all together, paying separately on each service and need, no need to exacerbate running costs, as there are no monthly costs for the first year. And trust me after the first year you will laugh at your involved running costs. You need just basic knowledge of minor website edits and if you can’t cope with it we are here to help you not always for money. Regarding your bits of knowledge of marketing, they are at their simplest and if you can’t handle them, we are here to help you. We need you to succeed because in it stay our prestige!

We can assist you to get

  • Provide info links for the best equipment,
  • Expanding the range of services by assisting you in providing to your customers, roof cleaning and steam and vacuum carpets and rugs,
  • Know-how info regarding the best card reader provider,
  • Know-how info regarding the best car signalling provider, in case that you intend to start your business with a 10-car fleet,
  • We can put you in connection with a provider of a London land phone number below 10GBP/month,
  • Paid design services, for stationery or street signs or for customers.
  1. Seller Notes

Each project I start is really close to my heart and it takes a tremendous determination to alienate him. There is more than energy, time and knowledge to build from scratch a business just by being attentive to the market opportunities. Each project that I start requires in addition to my expertise, bits of knowledge, apparently effortless research hours after hours that transform into days and sometimes months. All this inevitably leads to an affinity and closeness to the psychic nature. That’s why breaking up is always painful, even if it’s not visible. In these new lights probably, the buyer will realize that the connection with me will persist long after the purchase. I am waiting and looking for the perfect buyer, for this business opportunity package, who will be able to give the full attention that requires in order to reach its immense potential. I am looking forward to meeting you!