Are you a business owner who wants to run your own community? Do you have a passion for bringing people together and supporting others through the entrepreneurial journey?

Due to an opportunity which needs my full attention, I have decided to sell Hustle Club – a community that helps brand new business owners find their ‘Workfam’ and replace the work culture they lose when they leave their 9 to 5.

When I first went self employed in 2017, I quickly discovered that the biggest thing missing from my new life was connection to other people who understood the struggles of being in business. I also discovered that most business owners I spoke to felt exactly the same, but that there was no solution – apart from awkward networking groups, daunting meet ups and clubs for high-flying CEO’s.

So I created a solution in the form of Hustle Club.

This ‘business in a box’ includes branding, a fully functioning Squarespace website, testimonials, hosting arrangement with Individual Restaurants and the opportunity to scale meet-ups across the UK.

Please get in touch if you think Hustle Club may be of interest to you or someone you know. I’m passionate about the mission and would love to see it go to a good home!