Looking for a business you can run from home?

-you do not need any qualifications. You just need to be good on a computer-you can do it anywhere on a laptop with Wi-Fi access-ultra low overheads, merely website hosting for a year £120

The modelCirculates around a Facebook page with a captive audience of approx. 40,000 in a local town. This has an engagement of 1.1 million – 4 million per month.People actively post and engage on there.Businesses wish to connect and advertise contact you for advert packages and pricing.Revenues grow year on yearTo date in the last three years it has a net profit of £7250

For example, the very top banner of the Facebook page I can get £1500 a year for. Just one image for a year yes £1500 and they supply the artwork! Its that easy, now twin this with say posting a  business Ad automatically 3 times a week for say £60 a month – which you can schedule in advance, do that for 10 local businesses that’s not a bad revenue right?

You will spend 2 hours a day maybe doing postings, these are what people send in. It could be local news, crime related, local events. This is what drives your traffic to the site. In the past I have had dash cam footage of dangerous driving sent in, which attracted nationwide media attention, the mirror for example featured the page. This post had 50,000 organic reach in 12 minutes! And the total page engagement shot up to 5,000,000 in the last 28 days. This is just one example. Generally speaking posting a lost cat for example gets approx. 5,000 organic reach in 1 hour. But this has massive potential for advertising businesses.


There is also a website which be included in the sale. Again, I had plans to sell adverts on the website and use content submitted by the general public to drive traffic to it. This is very easy to edit – just like a word document and training will be included with a buyer no problem at all.

This has masses of potential which I will share with the buyer

As a bonus i also have several other local pages which can be used for the same principle and generate additional income, which again will grow year on year.

Genuine reason for sale. A new very senior role in my day job means I can only do one job and do not have time for this sadly.

This isn’t Ltd business yet, I would go down that route if I were to keep it. It would be a case of signing a contract to say that I have no interest in the Facebook accounts clicking them over to you.

So to summarize, you get

  • all the Facebook pages I have created locally, there is 4 and a jobs page with 7,000 likes – again that is ripe for a sponsorship with a local recruitment company!
  • The website, and 2 domain names a .com and a .co.uk.
  • 2 days free training and brainstorming to discuss all the potential it has.