A start-up fully automated dropshipping website with over 50,000 products already live on the site. Demo site https://www.onlinesuperstore.site/

When customers order products the details are automatically sent to the suppliers, who are responsible for everything in regards to the products: picking, packing, sending and dealing with returns/ issues with products/ delivery. The customer service for the website is also covered, so when customers get in touch via the website all enquiries are dealt with by the supplier. As the website is linked to our suppliers it also means stock levels and prices are automatically updated. Over 500 products are automatically added to the website every month and you can manually add products whenever you want. Your website can be managed via an easy to use admin dashboard, which includes the ability to edit your profit percentage.

The income for your site will completely depend on how much you advertise it. If you don’t do any advertising at all then you can expect to receive very little (less than £1000 per year). However, if the site is promoted through SEO and social media you can expect to achieve a net in the region of £40k per year, with top performing sites earning over £100,000 per year. Other revenue streams can be added to the site if desired, such as advertising and a trade section.

What’s Included:

• A .com domain name of your choice, along with SSL certificate

• A fully automated dropshipping website with over 50,000 products


• Free hosting and customer service for your website forever

Email- businessesforsalegb@gmail.com