Successful gin distillery available for purchase

*Price available on request*

Our gin distillery is now available for purchase featuring:

  • Two superb recipes, one London Dry and one contemporary, the former reaching the international finals of the Gin Guide Awards for Traditional Gin and achieving a rating of ‘Excellent’.
  • A well-established, efficient and documented process making the switch to a new distiller all the easier.
  • A loyal and established customer base.
  • A professional e-commerce website that is fully trading-standards compliant and features an age verification system built in meaning money is saved on courier costs.
  • A unique and eye-catching design with full branding guidelines.
  • Assets ranging from bottling machine to market equipment.
  • In established online retailers Master of Malt.
  • A five star hygiene rating.

Unlike many other ‘distilleries’, we produce or own gin rather than outsourcing to commercial distilleries. That means we have expertise in the entire process with which we would guide and mentor the new owner.

Once our customers have tried our gin, many never go back. Here are some of the comments we’ve had:

“A fabulous local premium gin that really holds its own and stands above the competition.”

“I tried it neat. No dilution. This could very quickly become my favourite gin.”

“Absolutely love it, full of flavour. Highly recommended, being made by a local distillery is also a big plus!”

And all this was generated on a part-time basis! The owners are now looking for someone who would want to take the distillery on full-time and make it the national success that it deserves to be.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.