Note: The seller is in the process of growing several successful businesses. For this opportunity, they are seeking a quick sale. Full price cash buyers (no loans or financing needed) with fast timeframes will be given priority. 

For sale is a low-cost, high-margin, fully-branded eCommerce business that operates under 3 separate, in-house brands. 

It’s 100% online business with low to no workload and can be operated from anywhere in the world, including UK.

This diversification ensures consistent annual revenue streams regardless of season and minimizes potential risk for a smart entrepreneur.

This eCommerce opportunity is a dream transition for almost any buyer of any skill level, where new owner will be in a position to focus on growth strategies from day 1.

3 prime brands come with fully polished and successfully running Amazon online front ends in highly sought-after categories.

With this low overhead Amazon FBA model, all inventory is stored and shipped to customers by Amazon.

All products are sourced from long-trusted, fast & responsive suppliers. The groundwork has been laid for even a novice operator to step right in and enjoy passive cashflow from day 1.

No prior experience in the space is required of new owner – a supportive and friendly seller is motivated and willing to train for transition to ensure the new owner’s comfort and success.

The business is diversified within 3 highly lucrative and trending segments, with 3 separate brands:

  1. Natural and Organic Beauty/Skin care brand (consumables, repeat buyers) (14 SKUs)
  2. Premium Office & Arts brand with high end selection of gift-ready items (high profit margins) (11 SKUs)
  3. Family friendly Toys brand, includes a drone for kids – rapidly trending up segment that can be expanded further (retail stores ready) (10 SKUs)

The path to growth and stronger earnings is pretty simple. Expanding to other Amazon international marketplaces (CA, JP, UK, DE, etc), or own website storefronts, to name a few, will allow new ownership to potentially double or even triple revenue in a very short timeframe.

The business has a lot of room for growth also within Amazon’s advertising and promotional opportunities that the seller has not enabled yet and have not taken advantage of.

[The seller is willing to support and advise the new owner in the path of expansion to make sure the business can be turned into an even more profitable venture with ease.]

This could be a perfect family business where each of 3 brands can be operated by a different family member, or, to be operated by an investor seeking “laptop-lifestyle” with passive cashflow while traveling around the world.

This branded powerhouse of 3 trending brands does steadily well on Amazon platform, and the company has just touched the surface of growth.

Asking/Sale Price: $400,000

Cash Flow: $65,000

Assets included in the price: $188,000 in inventory/stock

Gross Income: $300,000

Year Established: 2018

Employees: 0 (seller can give buyer 1 Amazon- trained VA to hire to operate entire business)

3 designer Brands achieve a total cashflow of $65,000 annually (net profit) and come with $188,000 worth of assets (already bought inventory being stored in Amazon US FBA) – buyer will have no need to buy inventory for the next 6-12 months (depending on the SKU) so the recoupment of the investment will happen from day 1.

This Amazon business is a strong performer with a solid track record of over 1 year and counting – it’s a highly autonomous, reliably consistent and diversified profit center with immediate ROI growth opportunities available to a new owner the day after closing.

Thanks to broad products offerings, this business is genuinely well-positioned to scale. This diversified retailer is a highly steerable opportunity that will perform for years to come.

Its’ successful business model makes it an automated revenue generator, with its well-oiled Amazon accounts that can be operated by anyone, anywhere.

This highly automated business allows the seller to spend only 7-10 hours per week on the business.

Reason for selling: Seller currently runs 3 other businesses and has no time nor funds to expand 4th one.

Seller does not have the time to put into expanding this business and believes it will grow better with a new owner who can either keep it “as is” for steady cashflow or who wants to expand and scale it further (advice, support and all needed resources for growing & expanding will be offered).

The seller will also provide  training to the new owner and hand over 20 hours of SOP short videos recorded explaining in detail every aspect of the business for easy transition.

The seller can also give the new owner one of her own Amazon-trained VA to hire full time to operate this business remotely from the day of closing, for hands-off, smooth transition with no work load.

This completely turn-key home run opportunity to reap the benefits of a well-laid foundation is not to be missed.

Key points:

  • Can be operated from anywhere in the world, included UK
  • Easy transition for any entrepreneur of almost any skill level (both novice or veteran alike)
  • Highly automated, only a few hours a week is asked of a new owner
  • Easily relocatable, hugely flexible in every way
  • Low Workload
  • Well diversified: 3 prime, trending up Brands with trademarks in high-margin categories (Beauty + Toys + Office/Arts)
  • Friendly, supportive seller motivated to provide training, video SOPs and support for the transition
  • 35 SKUs across 3 Amazon accounts to diversify risk and maximize opportunities in different segments
  • 100% drop-ship model with zero overhead and no need for in-house employees (laptop lifestyle model)
  • FBA platform (Amazon stores & ships inventory to customers) is outsourced to FBA & operateable from anywhere in the world
  • Completely turn-key business model with solid, automated foundation, ready to scale or maintain for passive cashflow