Seller’s Notes
1. Seller Bio
Been involved in internet marketing for the past 8 years or so. Run 2 successful ecommerce businesses.
2. Executive Summary
The site is built on the brilliant directories platform. This is a lifetime licence which cost around $1,450 alone. There are no hosting fees with brilliant directories. You will also get lifetime support with them.
3. Highlights
Spent around £1,000 on SEO since the website launch in november 2018
There are already over 120 members signed up on a free account. They only get a free listing and have to pay per lead. This can be set to anything you wish. For free members it is currently set at £3 per lead.
You can also set how many times the lead is sold. Currently set at 3, so 1 lead is sold 3 times to different members.
Over 120 members
Does earn money
Good rankings on google
solid platform
All content is 100% unique
4. Operations
The only operations of the business is matching the leads with members. And the odd email enquirey.
5. Customers
Aimed at the UK market for people looking for gutter cleaning services, conservatory cleaning, window cleaning etc.
6. Financials
I have sold a few leads, i think there are 2members paying £4.99 per month on the gold plan. and another 3 members paying £9.99 a month on the platinium plan.
7. Seller Notes
Alot of room for improvement. Doing some more SEO, advertising etc. In the UK
I have added adsense to the website in the last 2 weeks or so and has earned a total of £4.90
Brilliant directories charge $75 i think for the transfer of the licence. I will pay this.
The website ranks on for the key word ‘gutter cleaning near me’ The search term ‘gutter cleaning’ on is around 18,000 searcher per month alone.
Currently the website makes around £50 – £100 a month in total. This can be increased.
I have been doing some more SEO in the last month or so.
Needs someone to take it to the next level now. Adsense reenue can be increased along with paying members.