Update 11.08

Due to repetitive questions, I answer – I do not sell the business idea itself. Clients would still not buy anything from a new (uncertain) seller with other products. I had to fight for clients and reputation for 2 years and earlier 2.5 years as a sales representative.

I sell my business. Well-functioning and profitable from 100% to 300%. Sale of legal dietary supplements in Polish stores. Also on eBay. I am the only legal distributor and I sell my business only because of constant threats from illegal competition. I’m opening a new business and I’m selling everything now for a ridiculously low price. Knowledge + a list of 600 stores + 1592 packages of supplements (long dates, only best brands). Supplements on sale alone are worth at least £ 6500 and £7200 with higher prices. The season for the largest orders is September-January. Then everyone is buying all the quantities. I am a supplier to the largest chain of Polish stores “Food Plus” and other large brands. A business is prepared from A to Z. You just need to get in a van and start selling. The products are already well advertised on eBay.  The whole business is 100% adapted to English law conditions and MHRA guidelines. Nobody is running such a business. During the inspection, the goods of the competition are confiscated and the owner gets a high penalty and in the case of two checks, he is threatened with up to 2 years in prison. My products remain intact on the shelf. Brexit is ahead of us and it is a perfect moment for such an investment. An example of a typical invoice is in the pictures – this is off-season amounts. Normal orders are about 350-400 in small stores and 1200-1700 in larger shops every month.  £2600 for Knowledge + a list of 600 stores + about 1592 packages of supplements 

List of products: 

After (after alcohol) – 26 

Artrostaw (bones, joints) – 35

Elektrolity (electrolytes) – 32  

Vita C (vit c) – 62 

Kwas foliowy (acid folic) – 34

Megatran kaps (cod liver oil caps.) – 74 

Megawitamina Bcomplex (vitamin b complex) – 25

Modus dzień (calm) – 8 

Nervocol (calm) – 14 

Rutinowitum (vit c) – 15 

Sylimarin (liver) – 19 

Uragin (urology) – 125

A+E – 71 

Mega Krzem (silicon for hair) – 19 

D3+K2 – 43

Grypostop (syrup for cough) – 84 

Melisa Plus (calm) – 45 

Sinumax (sinus) – 44

Larysept (cough tabl) – 36  

Błonnik (fiber) – 55

Megatran płyn (cod oil liver syrup) – 41

FullVita On (vitamins for him) – 16 

FullVita ONA (vitamins for her) – 6 

Betakaroten Sun Plus (beta carotene) – 38

Gastromin (gastro problems) – 95

Lips (problems with lips) – 69 

Pokrzywa (nettle) – 53 

Obstilax (defecation) – 94

Mega Omega 3 (omega 3) – 95 

Colgrip (cough) – 67 

Hepavet (liver) – 64

Biotevit (biotine)- 18 

Magnez (magnesium) – 41 

Verbascon Kids (cough kids) – 20