This is a custom built website and not some cheap template. The site has been built to a high standard and uses your own adsense code to make money from other publishers.

The site works on a CPM to pay publishers and you earn revenue from adsense clicks. You only need around 30 decent publishers to make around £2,000 per month.

There is a great backend to the site where you can approve publishers as well as many other features.

The site is around 3 months old and cost £4000 to build. I wanted to start this business as a side line to my other sites but i just dont have the time to run it to its full potential.

There are publishers signing up everyday, i have done some promotion to the site.

The site is currently on a VPS server. I would recommend you have the same. I will continue to host the site on my server for one month.

In the right hands this site has alot of potential there are quite a few options to make even more money with this.

I have a full guide on the day to day running of the site as well as other important information.

You will receive all website files, domain name, publishers, etc

Currently the site has made around £40 in earnings but due to lack of time i was unable to keep these publishers.