Client Portal for accounting firms

Accounting, financial, and asset management firms can’t afford to fall behind their competitors if they don’t automate and streamline their procedures. This is especially true in light of the fact that Covid-19’s sudden shift to online-only communication appears to have a significant impact on how we operate going forward. As a service provider, you may use portals to collect and exchange data and services with clients. Clients may normally log in to the portal using a username and password.

Then, they may view and upload material. Client portals are frequently the same across several sectors. Client portal providers, on the other hand, tailor their solutions to the financial and accounting sector. Financial and accounting client portals all recognize the need of data security. When it comes to integrations, functionality, and business values, there are a lot of options available.


Manage and securely share files using SmartVault, a web-based tool for doing just that. With connections like taxcalc, FreshBooks, Xero and Intuit QuickBooks, Lacerte it aims to help businesses in the financial sector. DocuSign’s e-signatures are also supported by SmartVault’s DocuSign integration. The portals may be customized with your company’s logo and subdomains can be created.


Your company’s branding may be integrated into Huddle’s cloud-based client interface. You don’t have to worry about keeping track of different versions of a document because they automatically sync between devices and manage them.

‘7 of the top 10 accounting companies’ are said to be using their software. You may request as much as 500 files each request, which suggests that they’re aimed for larger organizations:


Even though it primarily provides client portals, Onehub markets itself as a cloud storage solution. Secure FTP gateway for mass uploads, granular authorization restrictions, and ‘data rooms’ with ‘automatic numerical indexing’ are just some of the features available.

Despite the product’s extensive functionality, Onehub’s goal is to keep the user interface as simple as possible.


Website bundle from CPASiteSolutions includes SecureFirmPortal. Clients don’t have to register an account to send files to you. To upload files and provide personal information, they click on a “secure transmit” link on your site and fill out a form. A mobile-friendly version of the form is not yet available. If you’re looking for an accounting software-integrated portal that allows clients to email you data without opening an account, SecureFirmPortal is a good option.


However, AccountantsWorld’s Cloud Cabinet may be purchased on its own as part of the accounting-focused suite of products. CloudCabinet has one of the more up-to-date looks and offers a wealth of security information. When data is sent or stored on their servers, it is encrypted. Data may be backed up in numerous places, making it one of the few gateway options that can.


File Request Pro

File Request Pro makes it easy for you to create customised and easy to use upload pages for your clients. They provide native integration with GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive and SharePoint so files are automatically transferred to these locations. Webhooks and Zapier allow for for other third-party integrations. You can also automate file requests, reminders and thank you emails.


A portal is today’s accounting companies’ main roadway and warehouse, with several versions and add-on services. Having access to your clients’ portals directly opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to safeguarding their data throughout electronic transfer.

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