Frequently Asked Questions

Use the contact form to contact the seller directly
No, it's completely free to contact business sellers
To change or update your account details, sign into your account with your username and password. Then you can track and maintain your listings, update your details or upgrade your advertising.
No we are not business brokers. We don’t take part in, or profit from, the sale of any of the opportunities we list
All listings are displayed until sold. There is no time limit on any of our packages.
For a limited time we are offering free listings, we also receive targeted traffic from search engines such as google, yahoo and bing.
No, we do not take any commission on any sale.
Your listing will go live instantly, you can also edit/delete your listing at any time.
Please contact our support department and we will guide you through the process.
A. Once logged in to your account, under businesses for sale please select 'add new business'
Yes, once logged in to your account you will have access to your business listing 24/7 You can edit and delete your listing within your account.
You will receive enquiries via email, these enquiries are also visible in your account. Some of our membership packages allow you to display your phone number if you wish to do so.
Please use our contact form, or you can email us at
Absolutely not, we will never share any of your personal information to anyone. We want you to feel safe and secure on our website.