How Technology Can Help Elements Of Your Business Soar

Technology is always changing and advancing. You can see it in your day to day life. There’s always something new to replace the old, and in business it’s exactly the same. Business owners have been using elements of technology to help drive growth since tech was a thing. Whether it’s to improve your marketing (digital or otherwise), accounting, gain industry leverage, or change the way your business serves the customer. Here are some ways technology can help further boost your business. Remember, try to apply the advice in a bespoke way to your own business.


SaaS Accountancy Implementation


If you’re running a Saas (service as a software) company you’ll know that trying to find time to practice good bookkeeping and accountancy can be pretty difficult. Even with certain software packages and time saving programmes it can still be hard which is why so many people recruit or hire accountants. With that said, there are other software packages which can help with specific areas of accountancy, take lease accounting for example. You can utilise ASC 842 software to save time and make things a little easier for your SaaS company. Technology is advancing all of the time and accountancy is one of those professions tipped to be replaced with tech, but in the meantime it can ensure your business gets a solid boost.  


Digital Marketing AI and Automation


The term AI is thrown around a lot in today’s world, but now that it’s getting better and more dynamic, marketers are taking notice. AI can take a lot of legwork out of marketing, but some may think the technology isn’t quite there yet. Big data essentially allows businesses to understand more about their customers and clients. It means marketing efforts can be better geared towards need and want. Big data is data made up in huge data sets which was previously too large to assess and analyse wholesale. 


Tech Can Get Work Done Fast


Gone are the days where you’d need to recruit people to help you deal with busy periods of work. These days, you can use freelancers. Freelancers can be accessed via the internet, apps, forum-like websites such as Reddit, or even on recruitment websites. They aren’t employed, so you don’t need to worry about employment law. You just pay them for exactly what you want and for how long you want them. You also get to hire people who are experts in the field you’re looking to cover. They’d usually be a lot more expensive if you had to hire. Use top tech to find your perfect freelancer and they can help your business succeed. 


Level Up Store Productivity


Take a coffee shop for example. There are certain elements which will take up a lot of your time, and the time of the people you employ. Take payment for example. If you’ve got a dated or slow payment processing unit, it’ll take time to register the payment causing productivity slumps for your staff and in some cases, annoyance for the customers. At the same time, you want to ensure your machines are up to date to ensure your staff can process orders fast. An espresso machine with grinder is fairly easy to use if the barista is well trained. Think about your store and where you and your staff can level up in terms of productivity. Technology can help you get there if you pick what’s right for your business stream.


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