Opening An Office In London: A Practical Guide

Opening An Office In London

Although opening an office can be extremely exciting, it can also be quite overwhelming as there is a lot of things that you must take into consideration. Opening an office isn’t as easy as it sounds, as you need to create a comfortable environment where your employees can work productively. If you are looking to set up an office in London but don’t know where to start, here is a guide to help you along your way.


Furnish the office

Whether you have an open plan office or an office with multiple rooms when it comes to opening a new office, a great place to start is by furnishing it. The furniture and equipment that you have in your office will depend on what type of company you run, but you should start with the basics. All offices need desks, chairs, either laptops or computers in order for employees to complete their work within the office.

You should make sure that the desks that you are buying are sturdy and the chairs are comfortable, seeing as you will be working from them all day. When furnishing an office, it is also important that you purchase storage to hold all of your equipment and files. Buying storage means that your office will be organised and free of clutter.

You should also look into renting self-storage for storing larger furniture that you don’t need at the minute. The last step in furnishing your new office involves purchasing equipment such as a printer, photocopier, and fax machine, which are essential for all offices.


Sort out communications

Once you have furnished your new office, you now need to sort out the communications within the office. This step will involve setting up a telephone line and extension, as well as a strong internet connection. No matter what type of company you run or the size of that company, no office can operate without a telephone line or an internet connection.

Having a stable telephone line and internet connection will allow your office to stay in contact with customers and clients, send important emails and documents, and complete work online if necessary.




Buy business stationary

Now that you have furnished your office and have set up a telephone line and internet connection, it is time for you to buy business stationary for the office. This business stationary can range anywhere from paper, pens, and folders to Sellotape, envelopes and post-it notes, all of which will be extremely useful in your new office.

Another great item that you should consider purchasing when setting up a new office is a set of business cards. Business cards are extremely useful to all companies, as they provide customers and other contacts with a record of your name and details of your company.


Set up accounts

The final step that is involved in setting up a new office is to set up all of the accounts involved in running an office. These accounts can include a bank account to sort out all of your office’s finances and also an account with an electricity provider in order to power and heat your new office. These accounts are easy to set up, so make sure to get them sorted prior to opening your new office.


Hopefully from this guide you are now aware of the number of steps that are involved in opening a new office. By following these few simple steps, you will be sure to create a comfortable and organised working environment for yourself and all of your employees to work efficiently in.

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