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  • Financial information
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We provide a safe and secure marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

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We provide a safe and secure marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

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  • Individual Account
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Sell My Business Fast With Business Trade Centre

Business Trade Centre is a website for business owners to sell their business fast. 
Since our platform is dedicated purely to helping business owners and brokers sell their business, 
we are the number one website for matching a business for sale with a genuine, potential buyer. 

Why You Should List Your Business for Sale with Business Trade Centre

With Business Trade Centre, buyers use our advanced search tool to search for their ideal business. 
This means that your business for sale will appear directly to buyers who are genuinely interested in your business-type and location.
More than 1.1 million buyers visit our site a month and we have around 2.3 million monthly page views. 
It will take you just a few minutes to list your business for sale and then you can sit back and relax – and wait for buyers to contact you! 

The Benefits of Advertising Your Business for Sale with Business Trade Centre 

* Easy to advertise - no lengthy, time consuming forms to fill out. Simply create your account and profile, and you’ll be all set to add your listing. 

* No security issues - Our website is 100% safe and secure. 

* No hidden fees - We take no commission from the sale of your business.  

Appear at the top of search results - You can influence where your business appears in buyers' search lists.

* We won’t interfere - When a buyer contacts you, you interact via your very own telephone number or personalised dashboard. 

* No need to keep renewing your advertisement - Your advert can remain listed with Business Trade Centre until it is sold if you wish.

Support on-hand - Our Support team is available to help and advise you 24/7.

What to Expect When You List Your Business for Sale with Business Trade Centre

When you list your business for sale, you can enter an unlimited description and add up to 15 eye-catching images to attract a buyer’s interest. 
Your advert can include a link to your business website and social accounts, and contain financial information or any other documents you want to add. 
This way, when a buyer is interested in your business, they can find out more at the click of a mouse. 
You are free to edit your advertisement and add or change confidentiality settings whenever you want.


When you sell your business with Business Trade Centre, you can benefit in a variety of ways. 
We offer a commission-free service with no fees or time limits, where your business stays listed until it is sold. Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to sell a business with us. 

1. Get a valuation

The first thing you need to do if you are selling your business is have it valued. 
This will help you get the process underway and make the best possible start. We offer a free valuation tool that will tell you what your business is worth. 

2.List the business for sale

Once you know what your business is worth, the next thing to do is list it for sale. 
There are many ways of doing this, but some may be more suitable for your needs than others. 
Business brokers can look after the sale and find buyers,
 but you will normally need to pay them upfront and hand over a percentage of the money from your sale as commission. 
However, when you choose Business Trade Centre, you can retain full control of the process and keep more of your money. 

3. Prepare your financial paperwork

No buyer will purchase your business until they’ve looked at your financial documents. 
The paperwork they will want to see will include your Balance Sheet, your Profit and Loss statements and anything else relevant to your finances. 
When you have the paperwork to hand, you can greatly reduce the time it takes to sell your business. 

4. Find a buyer

Finding a buyer can take a great deal of time, and few people sell their businesses to the first investor that makes an offer. 
It’s wise to generate interest from a number of buyers so you have somewhere to turn if a would-be buyer pulls out of a potential deal. 

5. Accept a suitable offer

When you have several offers on the table, you will need to compare them to see which one is the most beneficial for you. 
It’s unlikely you will make your decision based on figures alone, as there will normally be many other factors to consider, such as the terms of the deal. 
Some buyers will ask for a handover period, though others may want full control from day one. 

Never rush into accepting an offer just so you can complete a sale. 
Spend a sufficient time evaluating what’s available to get the best deal. 

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