Top 5 Conveyancers In Bournemouth And Southampton

Whether you plan to buy or sell your property, it is best to let professional conveyancers handle these matters. Their professional support will help ease your move. An efficient conveyancer will help ease the process of the transfer of the property from one owner to another. Usually, a conveyancing process includes completing all legal procedures and even granting encumbrances such as mortgages.

Why choose a conveyancer?

A good conveyancer can help in :

  • Negotiating, advising, and drafting the agreements relating to the sale and purchase of a residential and commercial property.
  • Carry out contract reviews and enforcement, restructure portfolios to refresh and enhance the value of an investment.
  • Create effective management structures that are attractive to investors and occupiers
  • Apply due diligence on acquisitions or sale
  • Complete legal formalities such as registration with Land Registry and payment of stamp duty to the HM Revenue and Customs

There are many good conveyancers in and around Southampton and Bournemouth. Generally speaking, the more specific an individual company is, the best conveyancing service will be provided. Some of the top 5 best conveyancers are:

1- AVRillo


As UK’s best conveyancer, AVRillo comes first in the list of top 5 conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth and Southampton. In fact, the top areas they serve are Bournemouth, Cambridge, Daventry, Coventry, and Enfield.


Avrillo is a CLC regulated conveyancing firm specializing in legal buying and selling processes. Their expertise encompasses multiple matters such as mortgage, remortgage, buying a house in a chain, etc. Avrillos’ expert team will help smoothen the transition from a tenant to a first-time owner or any other legal process. The services they provide are the best, as seen from the various awards they have won over the years.


Formed in 1998, Avrillo offers competitive fees and a transparent pricing policy. With a friendly support staff, it is no surprise that Avrillo has received more than 900 5-star ratings on Google reviews. They are fully equipped to carry out all administrative and legal work relating to the selling and purchasing process and help you get the best deal.


2- My Move Matters


The accredited solicitors at  My Move Matters are specialists in their respective fields and provide support and helpful advice. They are the best-in-class service.   By being part of the LEAP Best Practice standard, the staff members at My Move Matters deliver the highest service standards.


3- Setfords


Setfords is a conveyancing quality scheme accredited service, a recognized standard for residential conveyancing. They provide fast and efficient service. You can expect to receive a quote/ specialists contact within 60 minutes during regular office hours.   They have a team of full-time lawyers, and consultant lawyers spread all over the UK. Their prices are very competitive, and their company structure is expressly designed to give the best legal advice. Their expertise involves all legal matters such as buying, selling, and leasing commercial property.


4- Idiculla Solicitors


Based in Southampton, Idiculla solicitors specialize in residential property conveyancing such as house purchase and sale. Also, commercial property conveyancing such as purchasing and selling businesses such as restaurants, shops, etc. They provide personalized service to clients with fully qualified and dedicated solicitors. Idiculla Solicitors have secured membership to the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality scheme.


The CQS status means that the firm meets the highest quality standards of the conveyancing process. It also means that the CQS accredited solicitor firm provides reliable legal advice. Backed by state-of-the-art case management software, Idiculla offers speedy and efficient service with rapid responses to all queries. They have a transparent pricing policy to help plan your finances accordingly.


5- Coles Miller firm


Coles Miller firm is a law firm for life, so to speak. They provide conveyancing solutions in Bournemouth and Poole.   As an award-winning conveyancing firm, Coles Miller provides prompt, cost-effective, and knowledgeable services.

Coles Miller has achieved the standards of practice and integrity required for accreditation by the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. The Coles Miller solicitors provide personal jargon-free legal advice and suggest cost-effective and efficient legal issues. They provide full legal service for individual and business needs by having experienced and dedicated staff. In fact, they have one of the largest dedicated commercial departments in the area.


Reports suggest that buying and selling property can be one of the most stressful times in one’s life. However, given the right conveyancer, it can be turned into a smooth and speedy process.   Experienced conveyancers such as Avrillo mentioned above can make this experience easy and stress-free.

So if you are planning to either buy or sell property, do not worry. Choose an experienced conveyancer from the above-mentioned list and complete the legal process without any hurdles and stress. A trusted conveyancer will ensure all the exchange formalities are carried out, and the change of ownership is registered in the Land Registry.

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