We’ve built an amazing startup and potentially highly profitable social media marketing agency, that is just surpassing start up phase as we’ve done all of the leg work for you! We have only been operating for 1 month and we will include full training online of how to operate and use ads to start charging clients a high fee every single month on a retainer deal. The reason for sale is that we’ve done all the start up and hard work with websites etc but due to business commitments elsewhere and being too busy with them in general, to operate this business and give it the success it is capable of! It’s got a current pipeline of £20,000-£30,000 that are requiring meetings that we do not have time for, if you attend and can close these then you’re onto something big! We’ve operated websites and done 5 at £1,000 hence the £5,000 which has be turned over in 3 weeks and only in our spare time as our time is scarce. We’ve listed social proof that our social media marketing can scale a huge return!

What do we do?(and what we will teach you once purchased)

-We operate Fb and Instagram paid advertisement for our clients, we create and curate these ads for them using keywords and targeting(the charge for this is USUALLY £500-£1,000 PER CLIENT, PER MONTH)

-We do full google SEO packages where we charge our clients to rank highly in the google search rank (we usually charge £250-£750 PER CLIENT, PER MONTH)

-We also operate Website design and creation using hosting platforms! (For this we charge clients £750-£2,000 Per Client Per Site)

What’s Included With The Sale?

-Full Training online and using videos to provide full knowledge of how to grow and operate a successful marketing agency! For 7 days when were in the handover period we guarantee a same day reply and help for anything within that 7 days!

-The bespoke branding packages including the Logo which alone costs £150 to produce, Then the domains which cost us £100 per year which are majesticalmarketing.com and majesticalmarketing.co.uk, We will also include a Instagram page with nearly 1,000 followers on! The legal brand name and any promotional material we currently have!

-The full bespoke and innovative website that has hard to produce features on such as custom contact forms, special number counters and sections to entice credibility, This site alone cost us £1,500 to build with all features and hours involved to be themed as well as it is!

-We will include our £20,000-£30,000 prospect pipeline! This pipeline is only including businesses that are currently wanting to meet with us etc about what we do and are ready to be closed on the sale (per client is £6,000 per Annum on average out of them) All you have to do is close the clients and your investment is paid off in less than one closed deal! This pipeline has hundreds of potential business in that are keen to learn more, but we are simply too busy to speak or meet with them.

-We want this business to succeed we have invested into it more than we’re charging as we simply just don’t have the time to commit, but if you’re a motivated person who wants to be successful and has the time or the team to build this business up, it WILL be huge if operated correctly. 

Don’t hesitate if you’re interested in taking on a small investment into a potentially massive business! 

Hope to hear from you soon,

James Graham