How Much Is My Business Worth?

Determining the price at which to list your business will depend on a number of different elements. Your annual turnover, assets, liabilities and a number of external factors can affect the overall value of your business. To find the best price for your listing, you must calculate the net profit of your business over the course of 12 months and multiply this figure by a number between two and four depending on the aforementioned factors. Investors may be willing to pay up to a maximum of four times the price of the net value for a successful or promising business.

How Do I Find Out More About A Business For Sale?

If you’d like to find out more about a listing here on Business Trade Centre, you can simply click on the listing of your choice for a more in-depth description. This will cover the type of business, it’s location, who made the listing and other crucial information about annual turnover, the property type and the year that it was established. This will enable you to get a complete understanding of the business before you decide to make your purchase.

What Should I Do Once A Buyer Has Approached Me?

Once a buyer approaches you about your listing, the power remains entirely yours. You must remember that the potential buyer may not always be willing to pay the full price of the listing. You need to determine a price you may be willing to negotiate too. The choice remains yours as to whether or not you accept a price lower than that listed, as the negotiation and payment management will be in your hands.

What Happens Once My Business is Sold?

When your business is sold, your listing will be removed from the site. We will not take any commission from the sale and the legal teams involved will go on to discuss contracts. As we are not a broker, we are unable to help with the legal aspects, however, we do offer 24/7 customer service to provide any extra advice or guidance in seeking the right legal help following the sale.

What Documents Need To Be Provided To A Potential Buyer?

When selling any business, having all of the necessary documents on hand for a potential buyer is an important part of the process. Ensure you have all of the financial history on hand, including data records for revenue, cash flow, expenses and profits, as well as records of other assets or liabilities that your business may have.

What Are The Costs Involved In Selling My Business?

When you list your business for sale with us there is no fees. We don’t take commission on the sale and allow you to have complete control over any business you sell through us. However, we do offer additional help for optimising your listing and ensuring that is seen. We offer a wide range of marketing packages to help you make the most out of our business listing.

What Information Do I Need To Provide Before Selling My Business?

It is important to ensure that your listing is as detailed as possible when selling a business. The more detailed your listing is, the more likely you are to generate a sale. You should include the full financial history of the company, any assets, any liabilities, limitations or perks to ensure transparency and full disclosure. In addition, you need to include high-quality, informative images of your business, enough to provide evidence of its quality or current state.

Do I Have To Pay To Register As A Buyer?

No, buying a business through our site is made easy with our free accounts. There is no fee to pay – all you have to do is create an account with a username and full contact information, and you can begin browsing for your next business venture. You can also communicate with sellers and purchase packages for any businesses that you want to sell with a one-time payment.

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Business?

Selling your business can take time and there is no guarantee that it will be a quick process. However, with the help of the marketing features within our selling packages, we provide your listing with visibility across our homepage and social media platforms. From a single one-time payment, we will provide your advertisement with a featured spot on the homepage, as well as social posting and 24/7 support, to help you sell your business as quickly as possible.

Do I Need A Solicitor To Sell My Business Online?

While you are selling your business through us online, it is still beneficial to hire a solicitor for the buying or selling process. They can provide advice and guidance on pricing, your legal standing and can negotiate terms and conditions of sale with the potential buyers.

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