Business For Sale Chester

For any high-flying entrepreneur looking for a business for sale Chester is an ideal location. Found in the North-West of England, this prosperous and charming city has lots going for it. Chester is one of the main shopping destinations in the area and is a magnet for tourists. The ancient Roman walls and history make it a hot-spot for visitors to the UK.

This healthy local business economy is shown in the number of Chester listings on our website. It would certainly seem that when looking for a business for sale, Chester is a great option.

If you need any more persuading of the potential that our Chester business listings offer, a look at well-known companies in the city can do the job. Probably one of the best known retail businesses is Next. This globally successful clothing brand has over 700 stores worldwide and generates multi-million profits each year. Lush is another well-known brand that operates globally and who call Chester home, too.

There are many kinds of other businesses found in Chester from small boutique cafes to call centres, companies involved in science and technology and those located in the city’s business park. Of course, the many hotels and businesses operating in the hospitality and service industry in Chester cater for the world-renowned horse race and are a great credit to the local economy.

That’s why when you’re looking for that next business for sale Chester presents an ideal opportunity.

If you are looking for an online listing for a business for sale in Chester, there is not a better place than right here. We have a wide choice of viable companies to buy in this prime location and buyer accounts are free to set-up.

Sell Your Business In Chester

Of course, if you want to sell your business in Chester then we can help also. Here at Business Trade Centre, we can offer all the help and guidance needed with no fuss. The first step is to list your business for sale. Sellers in Chester can then rest safe, knowing that their business is being presented to genuine buyers. Choose from one of our carefully designed packages below to do just that:

Bronze Package

This is perhaps the best package for selling a single business. In the superb Bronze package, you get one fabulous listing included with 0% commission and no contracts. Your business is listed until sold and you can edit your listing anytime you like.

Silver Package

The Silver package offers all the superb benefits our Bronze one does but with the added extra of getting two listings. This is the obvious choice if you have two businesses to sell.

Gold Package

The premium package we offer is the Gold one. This is the best option for entrepreneurs with a number of businesses to sell. The gold package allows you to create up to 10 listings! Additionally, you get all the great features of the Silver and Bronze deals like social sharing and 24/7 support.

Why Sell With Business Trade Centre?

There are two key reasons to sell your company with us – powerful results and no charges on any sale.

Our extensive database is one of the largest in the world and gives you access to more buyers through the listings you create. Buyers can search by industry, meaning that you only deal with genuine people looking for the best businesses to buy in Chester.

In terms of making more money on your sale, it all comes down to the 0% commission we set. This will see you keep all of the money you make from your sale and not see thousands disappear in charges.

If you want to find out more about how Business Trade Centre can help you sell your business, get in touch via our online form today. If you are simply looking for a thriving business for sale Chester is a great place to start.

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