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The UK is a hub for business activity and northern-based businesses in particular are in sure supply at the Business Trade Centre, as we boast an unrivalled database of thriving companies. This means anyone looking to add something to their current set-up or want to delve into something completely different, we are certain to have the right businesses in our listings to satisfy your needs.

For those looking to sell a business, we provide a unique platform in which to do so. In order to get your business for sale Newcastle into circulation, you will need to select one of our three primary packages:

Bronze:  Our bronze level plan is our most basic and allows you to list a single advertisement within our database. 

Silver: The silver account option that we provide will allow up to two placements.

Gold: If you have a large number of businesses you wish to sell via our business for sale Newcastle database, then we have our premium Gold plan that allows up to 10 advertisements to be placed. 

The Benefits

Whichever option you deem most suitable for your prospective business for sale Newcastle listing, you will be able to adjust and amend the listing at any point, as well as receive 24/7 support from our team with guidance on how to make it appealing to buyers. Your listing will also remain live for 365 days, or until the business sells, so you can rest assured that you stand your best chance at selling.

Alongside this, once a buyer contacts you, we will no longer be involved in the transaction, so you can go about your business correspondence on the telephone or on our personalised dashboard. Remain safe in the knowledge that you alone will control the negotiations, not us.

Why You Should Sell Your Business In Newcastle

Newcastle is a beacon for thriving UK businesses. There are many industries that have taken to Geordie culture and managed to create viable business models that have been major players for a number of years.

Virgin Money

One of the most recognisable brands in the world is the Virgin group, who have based the headquarters for their bank, Virgin Money within Newcastle. The company have 74 stores across the country and posted an operating income of £306.8 million in 2017.

Newcastle Building Society

There is also the Newcastle Building Society, which has been in operation since 1980. The company offers both banking and finance services, which has seen it named a member of the Building Societies Association.

The city is evidently well equipped for strong business growth and ultimately profitable sales. For those looking for the best business for sale Newcastle has to offer for their industry, or even for businesses looking to sell to prospective buyers, this flourishing city is the perfect location to do so.

If you require more information about how Business Trade Centre can help create the perfect business for sale Newcastle listing, you can reach any member of our team on our online contact form 

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