Gel Nail Box is a UK gel nail polish and nail art brand.

Launched in 2017 the business has grown a strong fan base with good interaction on social media. 

The business has it’s own 9 toxin free gel nail polish and Power Dip nail system. 

The business is sold with website created in WordPress, social media channels and around £10,000 retail value of stock. 

All supplier lists, contact, packaging and items for the business are included. Even shelving, labels, printer etc. 

The business hasn’t been promoted or run as much in the past 5 months due to owners circumstances but the website is live with ordered being fulfilled.

The website is currently undergoing a makeover ready for sale.

The brand fills a huge gap in the UK beauty market with our direct to consumer approach for long lasting nail products. We currently have a brand ambassador programme where promoters can earn 15% on customer referrals. This is fully integrated into the website.

Current ranges include

Gel nail polish

Power Dip nail system

Nail art ranges

Hand and foot care ranges

Approx 8x plus profit margin on cost of products.