Fit LuXe Online Women’s Fitness Custom Made Brand. 

Custom Site Control create unique businesses which are set up and ready to go. We do all the ground work and once you purchase we don’t just leave it there we continue to work with you. We research and design the products, create and apply designs to each individual product, create the website, copy write and SEO integrate your site, provide a photography session and models for your products, manage your social media, provide a targeted audience, give you a premium domain name and more.  The best bit is you can have your own brand and not hold any stock all items are dropshipped (Supplier fulfils & prints orders and ships directly to customer) using a UK supplier!

This brand has been designed with an eye to create a unique brand. All you have to do is process the orders and market the store. Start your own profitable online business today which you will be able to manage from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Huge potential to grow globally and take on market leaders! It is fully set up and ready to go, a complete business in a box.

What the site is about? The site stocks tops, vests, sweatshirts, leggings and accessories.

It’s beautifully designed by trained professionals and is made not only visually pleasing but in such a way to naturally attract customers.

What will you receive?

This website has over 30 custom products for you to start selling straight away. You can expand the line by adding more products and designs.(Extra designs included)

Whats included:

– Premium eCommerce online store

– A SEO integrated website for you to own forever – 1 year free domain 

– Logo design and file

– 30 custom products already integrated to the website ready for you to start business

– Copyright to custom made premium brand design for products & the file

– 2 extra design files specially designed so you can expand and add different product lines.

– Inventory management

– Multiple income stream opportunity through google ads, Facebook and amazon.

– Free Product Photography- Read below*

– Twitter and Instagram account with 1000 followers each to start.

– Twitter and Instagram account management for 14 days.

– Free email support for 30 days including marketing support

– High-quality products, hand-picked for their exceptional ratings and excellent user feedback.

Product Photography* You are eligible to have 10 product photos professionally photographed for your site and for any promotional purposes. We have a in-house photographer and model to create some stunning photos for your site. All you need to do is post us any samples and once they have been photographed and edited we will post them back (turnaround will be 7-10 days) You will be responsible for all postage & sample costs.

Who can run the site?

There is no expertise required. Would suit a complete beginner or experienced business owner. The site is extremely intuitive and easy to manage, it is built-on the hugely popular Shopify platform so there isn’t a lot of technical knowledge required to run and maintain this site as we have done all the hard work.

About the site

The website has been very well designed and coded on Shopify by Shopify experts the monthly hosting fees are:

Total Monthly Fees: £22.50 This ensures you can keep the site up and running without you having to do anything such as coding or any back-end admin etc, and ensures you have complete access to suppliers, manufactures and the dropshpping service.

What is dropshipping and how will you make money?

The business makes money through the ‘drop shipping’ model selling products that are supplied by high quality manufacturers and suppliers who ship the products directly to customers who purchased from the website. So no actual stock is held by the business. All that is required to manage and maintain this business is customer service and support. Ordering from the suppliers and having items sent directly to your customers takes about 5 – 10 minutes per order. It’s as simple as purchasing the item from the supplier, adding the delivery address of your customer and the supplier will do the rest. you can manage this business from anywhere in the world, all you need is a laptop and use the supplier app which is included. Earn as little or a much as you want by changing the profit margins.

Potential earnings… You can easily earn £2000+ per month just by growing the site.

How will you grow the site?

You will market the site on Social media using paid and free ads to gain a organic audience. You will also build links with influencers to help grow your audience. We will help you do this by managing your Twitter and Instagram accounts for the first 14 days.

Full support for the transfer of assets will be provided to the new owner plus 30 days of email support to answer any questions on the setup, management and configuration of the website.

What happens after you purchase a business? We will email you to get some details to finalise the website and social media accounts, and transfer all the assets to you, this process can take 4-5 days once this is done you take full ownership of the store!

You will then need to contact us to post your products when you get your samples in for us to photograph.

Once we start finalising details, we can not accept any order cancellations or returns.

We do offer flexible payment plans. 

We look forward to helping you on your new venture!