Overview of the Business;

                                          The Business was formed in Sept 2010 as a Craft Artisan Cider and Perry producing Business and is run as a Sole trader Business. The Waulkmill Cider brand is Known as the only commercial craft cider producer in Scotland as the cider is made from 100% pressed juice. There are now two other craft cider makers within Scotland but both businesses only produce circ 2/3000 ltrs per year and trade within their local micro environment. The Cider market is continuing to grow as a drinks sector with predictions for fruit cider being the biggest growth for 2019. The Waulkmill Brand is now positioned to be moved into its next stage of growth. The Craft Beer and Cider Industry is seeing continued healthy growth not only in Scotland but the whole of the UK. Waulkmill Cider has returned an increase in T/O and Profit for eight consecutive years of trading.

Waulkmill Cider is positioned firmly within the Craft Artisan Market, but now having established itself for quality and provenance  it can easily also cross over into mainstream Branding and therefore can be upscaled without any bad feeling from cider purists / CAMRA. This is one direction the current owner would consider to move the business forward, the brand can withstand diversification . Currently 90% of the Business is from CAMRA / Beer festivals and four Music festivals which the business has been supplying for over three years, there is scope for additional music festivals where again there is very little craft cider in Scotland to be had for these event organisers .The business supplies wholesalers with bulk palletised bag in box cider to ease distribution and credit control. Limited bottled cider is produced due to equipment and current space restraints .The Business this year is making cider for four other businesses on an own label contract, again there is more scope to increase this side of the business ,that has not been done to date. Aldi Scotland have expressed interest in Stocking the cider, and this would be beneficial to the business if pursued in more depth .

Waulkmill Cider has gained National accolades and awards including Silver medal in the UK National Cider and Perry awards , a number of Northern UK Gold Awards and Additional Gold Awards for Scotland .There are also over 26 CAMRA awards in addition to Regional and National Business awards for Business, Environmental Practises  and within the Food and Drink sectors .A full list of awards can be forwarded.

Waulkmill Cider as a Brand is established within its market sector but requires investment and a new outlook of which i feel would now be suited with new owners to take it to its next level. Although i am happy to assist a potential new owner short term.

The Business is to be sold with its social media sites / email and website (these are maintained by weboptic).