Upside down model of a real house standing on it’s roof – start Your business! 

This house is not only built upside down, but it’s built on an angle, so when you’d walk on the ceiling you could feel anti gravity, confusion and dizziness just for a moment. 

TWO FLOORS – On the first floor there’s a corridor, kids playroom and bedroom 
CUSTOM LAYOUTS – Without changing the key structural elements, the house layout can be modified according to the client needs 
FULLY EQUIPED – Naturally the house is fully furnished and all the furniture are secured from the ceiling to hang over your head 
FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT – All the furniture displayed in the visualization may differ. Other types of furniture and equipment could be installed in an upside down house for an extra fee 

3 MONTHS – Inverted house is produced and built within 3 months from the date of signing the contract. 
PERMITS – All necessary permits, if any, are received by the customer. 
ASSEMBLY – The assembly of house itself takes 3-4 weeks. 
DELIVERY – The Seller takes care of the delivery and accommodation of the employees. 

EASY TO START – Choose a place, order equipment and start earning money today! Choosing the right place for the house guarantees customer traffic 
FULL YEAR REVENUE – This kind of business can run full year – increase your revenue every day! Summer and winter seasons has tiny impact on expenses. 
LESS ADVERTISING – An upside down built house is impressive by itself and attracts attention! Impressive photos made by clients and shared with friends on social media is the best free advertisement 
PROFIT CAPABILITIES – With the right placement for business you can profit after 6 months or even less! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to have a profitable business with little to no effort. 

TICKETS – You will need only 2, maximum 3 cashiers to fully operate the upside down house 7 days per week / 11 hours per day. 
VISITORS – About 20 visitors can visit the Upside down house at once, spending around 10-15 minutes. 
PRICE – Average price per ticket can be 4-5 euros You can expect around 270 Euros during peak hours. If you’ll choose the right place for the Upside down house, you can recover your investment after 6 months. If interested please contact us, contract signed needed. 

*HOUSE IS NOT IN ENGLAND. After agreement and contract house would be build and delivered to confirmed location in United Kingdom. Please contact for more details.