This business can be operated from anywhere in the UK

 2 Stores with a rating of 100% and 95.5% respectively

 The business is being operated by the Owner and 1 part-time assistant 

£4,000 Goodwill and the Stock Valuation £6,000 == TOTAL £10,000 

Monthly Sales £5,000-£6,000 Net Profit: £1,500-£2,000

 It only takes 2 hours a day for five days to run this business 

Genuine reason for sale! 

Main Stock: 

1) Genuine Accessories for Apple & Samsung

 2) Genuine Used Spare Parts For iPhone 

2 Days Training Will Be Provided and Some Important Details Will Also be Shared (Suppliers etc.)

 Training: 1) How To Make Listing 2) How To Do Packaging 3) How To Order From Suppliers 4) How To Edit Images and Much More In Great Details

 Don’t Miss This Guaranteed Income Opportunity! It is Real No Gimmick!