Skip the tiring development process and get right into the business with this awesomely designed ‘experience days’ booking and management platform.

This is a fully functional and highly scalable booking website that is built on a stable and clean October CMS (Laravel framework).

It differs from other experience days booking websites as this is not just an e-shop that sells gifts, but a whole system that can be used on both sides, to purchase and book experiences while also to manage internal and external bookings for service providers.

This platform also compliments other ‘experience day’ gift e-shops as dates and times have to be booked via calls anyway, so why not encourage your future customers to do it with ease through BookUpp?

Currently the website is targeted to Lithuanian customers, but can easily be switched to any country or even expanded globally. We can translate and change the whole website to English language prior passing it to you.

In the first month of the release 8 service providers have registered for a trial (without any paid marketing, only cold calling), who are happy to pay monthly subscription fee to be listed on the website and to use the system to receive and manage their bookings.

This platform unfortunatelly has to be sold due to a lack of time in regards to other businesses that we have.