Custom designed laundry lockers for the purpose of acting as a drop off and pick up point for laundry and dry cleaning

Start an innovative new business in your area

Increase dry cleaning and laundry sales

Dry cleaners extend your opening hours

To learn how the service works for customers visit: 

This offer includes everything required to set-up quickly:

* Your selected number of custom designed Laundry Lockers – delivered globally

* Your selected number of stainless steel Electronic locks

* Complete operating software (IOS and Android App – Driver routing – Custom communications)

* A company website built using Ruby on Rails featuring your brand and pricing. For example: –

* Full range of example marketing material (Brochures, example sales proposals, posters, fliers, promotional emails etc.)

* Legal terms and conditions

* 500x Branded laundry bags

* Supplier shopping list

* Consulting and business set-up advice

* Training manuals

Locker specs:

* A completely flat surface on all visible areas (no screws, rivets or grooves) – for advertising and aesthetic purposes

* Square shaped doors for aesthetics and Z shaped internal compartments for the hanging of long garment

* Reinforced hanging bars for regular usage and large loads of garments

* 1mm thick steel for durability

* Gas powered hinges to keep the doors closed (otherwise people leave them in a mess)

* Noise reduction padding (mostly for when lockers are in lobbies/open areas of nicer buildings where we people don’t want to hear the slamming of metal locker doors)

* Anti scratch coating

* Ventilation holes and optional artificial scent option (mountain air, clean laundry etc.)

* Wide range of colours to suit your brand