Great Fun Business, No Experience Needed, High Earning Potential

  • £749
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
For Sale
Great Fun Business, No Experience Needed, High Earning Potential
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
  • £749

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Hello and thank you for your interest. Firstly, we are 100% committed in ensuring that YOU are able to run a profitable and fun business when and if you choose to partner with us.

What makes us so much different to almost every other business opportunity/partnership/franchise currently available is that of investment and the costs and fees needed to start, which often placing some entrepreneurial people from missing out, because of the amount of funds required.

For example, you have a great flair for chatting with people, having confidence, being knowledgeable in the area in which you live, so an ideal opportunity would be a local newspaper or a community magazine, great if you have upwards of £6,000 and that’s just the initial fee! You are investing in their business, not yours!! We fully believe in our business, we believe in our product(s) we know they work.

Which is why we want you to invest in YOUR business and not ours. But we are still committed to your success as we only make money, when you make money!

All we ask in return is honesty, commitment and a genuine desire to succeed. We will help with everything. Our initial fee is just a minimal £749, which is returned, so really it is FREE!

So, What is it?

Targeted Direct Mail Advertising! We produce a high quality, full colour, double sided A2 sized leaflet which is then cross-folded to A4. It is then distributed to 10,000 homes within your chosen area.

That’s the basics of what we are offering, so if you are still interested then please continue reading.

There IS real opportunity beyond the Internet.

Each leaflet we produce has *32 ads each of quarter of an *A4 in size, and we charge *£249 per ad.

Before we go any further we would like to point out that really anybody can do this business, no experience is necessary, most people don’t know how to layout and design ads – we do this for you! Most people are not sure in regards to the printing – we do this for you! Again, distribution – we do this for you (well, actually Royal Mail do) All that’s left for you to do is find the advertisers (though you can even delegate that job to!) But don’t worry this is YOUR business, we work totally in the background, all our work goes through you.

Of course, the first thing that probably goes through your mind is the current pandemic. Obviously this has made things change slightly but this business can and does function very well, even whilst in lockdown, there are still hundreds of business types still ‘open for business’ and they need to get the word out!

We are all aware that the majority are hunkered down at home due to Coronavirus – created isolation, which gives an unprecedented opportunity for advertisers to drive more revenue by going through consumers’ front door. Few marketeers would consider direct mail a bright shiny object, but it has gotten a fresh look in recent years and advertisers are looking to diversify their spending beyond Facebook and Google. Direct mail still has one of the highest response rates than pretty much any digital campaign.

Many advertisers are indeed trying direct mail for the first time, especially newer ones, realising better ways to advertise that’s affordable and beyond the internet which is getting swamped.

1) Your actual mailbox is far less crowded than your digital one! We are not saying that digital marketing has had it’s day, but audiences are tired of it. Tired of seeing endless promises and offers in their overflowing inboxes. Capturing people’s attention is now harder then ever. Yet, a recent Royal Mail survey found that 82% of people open all their post – including direct mail. Compare that with the open rates on your email lists; Mailchimp suggest average open rates of less than 20%, so a direct mail message is the way to be seen.

2) People trust ‘real’ mail more … It takes a lot to build trust online. It’s doable, but people are naturally more wary about claims made by email. Where as print marketing conveys credibility – it shows you’ve spent time and effort on creating something and readers respect that. The Direct Marketing Association research bears this out – they found that the majority of people regarded print mail as trustworthy, with just 28% of people saying the same about email.

3) … And find it easier to process the information they receive. A survey of UK customers found that 48% found information easier to take in via print mail, rather than 20% by email. Think about it. When people read email, they usually have ten other things going on at once – they might be checking email on their phone on the way to work, in the kitchen whilst making coffee or at their desk while on the phone. They’re distracted, unfocused. But opening the post is a task in itself. Your target will be paying attention as they touch and look at your communication. This vastly increases the odds that they’ll take in what you’re saying.

4) It supports other marketing channels. The beauty of direct mail advertising is that it can be used in conjunction with any digital campaign. Given the crowded market place, evidence shows that people need 6 – 8 ‘touches’ from a brand before they start thinking about putting their hand in their pocket. Consumers won’t act until they’ve decided you’re credible. Research conducted by Royal Mail found that digital campaigns which incorporated a direct mail element saw a 62% increase in ROI compared with those who went solely electronic. And you maybe surprised at the demographic evidence: 16 – 34 year olds living in the family home are more likely yo open mail than the 55+ age group. The novelty of receiving print mail gives it power. Yet, people are used to acting digitally, so a direct mail piece with a call to action via digital channels vastly increase the chances of making a connection and getting a response.

Direct mail is for all age groups and demographics.

Now for some figures and earnings; as already stated we have 32 ads @ £249, so if you have done the math you will know that’s £7,968, but of course there’s costs, we make it easy, we charge a flat fee of £3,495 per leaflet – for this remember we do all your designing, printing and distribution of 10,000 leaflets!

*Please also note that we do 32 ads @ £249 but of course this is your business, you can do more or less ads, charge more or less, or do it the way we do, etc it is your business to run as you wish.

You will only have to pay the £3,495 when your leaflet is ready to go to print, so you will already have the funds from your advertisers to pay for this.

so, from just producing 1 leaflet, 32 advertisers you will make over £4,400

You can even run this business as a side hustle, working round your current commitments, and producing just one leaflet a month. Or a full time business, imagine having 2, 3, 4 or more leaflets per month, you really can earn a lot of money. We also have other products that you may or may not be interested in, but these are only offered to those who partner with us.

Should you choose to join us, your initial fee of £749 will be returned on production of your first leaflet.

Your leaflet will be distributed to 10,000 homes within your chosen area by Royal Mail, so it is delivered with regular post by the postman/woman. We all know that there are cheaper options, we have tried these in the past, but as the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’ using Royal Mail gives credibility and reassures advertisers.

Obviously this is a limited opportunity – once an area has gone, it’s gone.

Thank you for your time and should you have any questions please get in touch.

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