We are primarily a design consultancy based in the UK, which has arms in the media and publishing industries. We have produced a clothing brand, which we have outlined here for you as the business for sale.  A current clothing brand we own namely; Wance and Forall® – a spin on the phrase (Once And For All).

The Brand pushes a strong message and aims to empower people to be all they have ever wanted to be, encouraging people coming out of any difficult personal circumstances, and currently coming out of lockdown, to aim high and to no longer put off their goals and start achieving today. A positive message that will reach and appeal to a mass audience.

This message is captured in a strong image/identity with a cutting edge trademarked brand logo which is incorporated onto its clothing, product emblems/designs and a captivating website.

We don’t normally conduct sales this way but following Covid we felt we wanted to give the public equal opportunity to bid for the business too, rather than solely targeting firms, selling the brand through an agency.

Due to the volume of businesses we are currently involved in, we feel this brand would be better suited to an individual/partnership that can dedicate themselves fully to the project.  If marketed correctly this brand has the potential to catapult its growth quickly.

Usually brands and products such as this will sell privately for a much higher price, however we are making available to one buyer the exclusive rights to all aspects of its related brand and stock (listed below), with a very reasonable starting sales price of 35K.  When you consider that the brand concept/design content alone is worth vastly more and that proven sales have already exceeded £20K in only a few months the starting offer for the business is very fair.

The Wance & Forall business and related brand and its stock transferred to new owner upon completion of sale will include:

  1. Wance and Forall brand ethos
  2. Over £12K of Apparel Stock including £9K Caps (one size fits all), £3K T-shirts (S, M, L, XL)
  3. Clothing emblem/badges (gold/black versions provided)
  4. Design marks for company logo and name – you can view registered designs at the official .ipo.gov website at  https://trademarks.ipo.gov.uk/ipo-tmcase

Registration of Name Mark ‘Wance & Forall’ No: UK00003126642

Registration of Trade Mark ‘official logo’ No: UK00003253776

  1. Original Wance and Forall brand design marks – you can view registered designs at the official .gov website at  https://www.registered-design.service.gov.uk/find/

Design ID no as follows:

No: 6012992

No: 6012993

No: 6012998

No: 6012999

No: 6013000

No: 6013001

Trade Mark No: All ‘transfer of design/trademark ownership’ fees will be covered by ourselves (seller) – No additional costs for design and trademark transfer will be applied.

  1. All Digital files for logo, brand and advertisement graphics produced
  2. Domain names (wanceandforall.com/.co.uk)
  3. Social media accounts and admin logins currently owned including;









  1. Wanceandforall Website and related files/coding
  2. Promotional Fliers and cards
  3. T-shirt/cap clothing tags
  4. T-shirt/cap clothing inner labels
  5. Packaging material including bags, tissue paper, silica gels and boxes

We have one t-shirt design mark which is sold across the website (namely; contemplation) which is not included (available for sale separately at £7k) – this registered design can be viewed on the official .gov website. https://www.registered-design.service.gov.uk/find/ ID No: 6012997

  1. Product image catalogue – cap and tshirt

Terms – a non refundable deposit of £1000 will secure your position.  Once a simple sales agreement has been signed and balance transferred- all the above-mentioned brand and stock will be transferred to the new owner details provided.  We will cover the cost of sending the stock to you as part of this agreement.

Aforementioned stock can be delivered to one address, anywhere in the United Kingdom (stock) upon completion of sale at no additional cost. If it’s a sale outside of the UK additional costs for an international delivery of stock will be added.

If you are an individual who hasn’t bought a business before it can be far easier than you think.  Largely the hard work has been done for you in the creation of the brand and a high stock level already designed and produced for you, this will enable you to start selling quickly.  Once purchased you will be the sole owner of this brand and its related stock and you are free to advertise, promote, market the product as you so wish.  For anyone who is coming out of lockdown who is apprehensive about working with the public post COVID, this business would be ideal for you as it can predominantly be conducted online.

The website and its products can be viewed at www.wanceandforall.com

I have also attached product and website screen shots here within.

To ensure that we minimise time wasters, we have chosen to accept all initial bids and enquiries via email only.

If you are interested and/or have further questions email us at:  enquiries@wanceandforall.com


Wance and Forall Management