This is a very well known local pizza takeaways in Cambridge. It is based in a great location both for walk-ins and/or for deliveries.

The business has established since 2011 and it has great customer base built up over the years. The turnover gives you consistent figures every quarter plus gradually growing numbers.

The premisses has equipped with market’s greatest products. Morretti Forni pizza oven is one of the best pizza ovens out there. All the fridges and freezers in the front and at the back (preparation area) of the shop from Foster. (apart from the one chest freezer in the garden shed and one small sized fridge at the back.) The list of equipment list is as follows;


  1. Foster Pizza topping fridge
  2. Foster dough fridge
  3. Moretti Forni Pizza Oven
  4. Fimar Dough Mixer
  5. Falcon E711 prep oven


  1. Foster up-right fridge
  2. Foster up-right freezer
  3. Foster prep fridge and worktop
  4. Polar prep fridge and worktop
  5. Vogue worktop

Garden Shed

  1. Polar chest freezer
  2. Loads of space and shelfs for dry food and packaging storage

Please contact for further business info.