One of the leading world leaders in luxury real estate, a specialist in sales and rental services for premium residential properties, commercial real estate, yachts and aviation has its Vila Nova de Gaia agency for sale. The Vila Nova de Gaia license allows the exploration of the real estate market of Vila Nova de Gaia and Gondomar without limits and allows to enjoy all the partnerships and synergies with the rest national and international network, being a part of the real estate business done thanks to networking. To know that the city of Vila Nova de Gaia and Gondomar transacted in the year 2016 more than 500,000 thousand euros, having increased in recent years thanks to the growth and economic development in Portugal.

Franchising: You will benefit from an internationally recognized international brand with more than 40 years of professional experience. The brand has more than 800 branches in more than 30 countries spread across 4 continents and counts on the collaboration of more than 11,000 real estate professionals. In Portugal it is strongly implemented and with the goal of continuing to expand its network. Franchising offers all the support to the development and expansion of the business thanks to its strong brand, partnerships, its network of national and international clients, its network of franchisees, know-how, digital tools, technology or marketing .

Real Estate Market in Portugal: The Portuguese market has been breaking all records and has been years of exception in the real estate sector. Store: Open since the beginning of 2019, the agency of Vila Nova de Gaia is ideally located in the neuralgic center of Vila Nova de Gaia, in particular in Avenida da República and has several shops and services in its surroundings and will also feature new and Grande Hotel Casino da Ponte just a few meters away. Served by the most varied transport, in particular, the metro that is only two stops away from Avenida dos Aliados. The agency consists of two floors, in particular, the ground floor with direct access to Avenida da República and the basement floor with a floor area of ​​119.15 m2. Comprising of a fully equipped store with a reception desk, work area and two meeting rooms with panoramic views over the city thanks to the large windows, as well as a glass and female and male bathrooms. Shop is leased.

Team: The team has a team of commercial commission agents, and the management has no burden with it; currently the team is composed of 4 commercials however it is a market where teams can grow exponentially.

Portfolio: The agency of Vila Nova de Gaia has a portfolio of 70 million euros in active properties and whose forecast will be constantly increasing, given the area of ​​the license of more than 300 km2 with a wide variety of properties ideally located along the the banks of the famous Douro River, along the seafront of Vila Nova de Gaia or the cosmopolitan center of Vila Nova de Gaia and Gondomar, as well as the business that comes from the synergies and partnerships resulting from networking.

Reason for Sale: The current license partners have other businesses outside Portugal and as a new international challenge arose, they decided to sell the project. Asking Price: € 50,000 If the project is of interest to you, we will be able to talk more about the project in question and send more photos of the space.