Offers invited pm me. Registered plumbing leak clip design for sale which is registered with the UK IPO patent, design and trademark office check their website for details. The design itself is more the 0.25mm metal retaining part that wraps around and lips together to hold the seal in situ, it could make a fortune in the right hands especially if household insurance companies took it on. I don’t have the funds or know how myself to get it to the marketplace or into insurance companies. YouTube video link above of the clip in action. It comes flat like the picture and you simply wrap it around the pipe or soldered join and lip it together once the inner seal has been compressed. It will even fit around a pipe a couple of millimetres from a wall to which most if any others will not. I’ve sold a few via fb that I had spare to people and plumbers but they are to dear to have made unless brought in big quantities like 25,000 then they work out around 50p each. I’m well aware of the kibosh which is more of a plumbers tool, a lot bigger to fit in tight spaces and alot dearer. This is more aimed at Joe blogs….it has no working parts or tools required to fit. It can hold various pressures depending on the seal insert you put in as there’s different thicknesses and even a 0.25mm rubber shim that can be added for extra hold. I’ve only tested it to household mains pressure and do stipulate to turn the mains off first before fitting to reduce pressure and ease of fitting or open some taps and apply. Its only really designed to stop the excess water coming out all over the floor or to stop drips or small leaks on joins etc…whilst awaiting a full repair. Email: or call UK 07803 280093 or 01480 763169. Paul