Two potential opportunities are available via this one listing:

  1. £35,000: I am looking to sell my BRAND: a remote, online jewellery business. It comes complete with a professional website, upwards of £10,000 worth of stock, all knowledge/step-by-step processes given, an average of £5000 per month sales, extremely low running costs and all associated social media accounts. The Shopify website comes with Klarna payments meaning that people can also pay monthly. All branding/equipment/merchandise needed for the running of the business will be given.
  2. £9,500: I am willing to build an exact replica of this for a one-off fee. This will come with: £2000 worth of stock, a custom built website, personal branding, all knowledge/step-by-step guides, social media set ups and more. This honestly is a guaranteed business model that kicks off the ground ridiculously fast! Within about 6 weeks of starting my business, my sales were already up to £4k/£5k a month. With my knowledge and understanding of the market – your growth and success has the potential to be amazing.

Benefits to (either options of) the business:

  • I work about 1/2 hours a day. This could be more if I wanted to but I am currently renovating a house so this takes up most of my day! You could EASILY take on this as well as your job and quit once you’re confident in running it!
  • You can do it from anywhere as it is 100% online based. There is also very minimal space needed for storage – I run the whole business on one small desk.
  • You need absolutely no qualifications and all skills/knowledge will be taught.
  • With hundreds of orders completed and sent out, I’ve only had about 1/2 minor complaints that have been dealt with immediately – meaning that it has an amazing reputation with loyal customers.
  • It is a relatively new/modern idea in a rapidly growing market. It is sustainable and innovative.
  • The brand has been featured by many celebrities and has been worn on TV programmes such as Made in Chelsea & The Only Way is Essex. This is also something that I can give you access to – for whichever business option you choose.

About me:

  • I am someone who absolutely loves helping people quit their jobs to find financial freedom and self love. The feeling of running a successful business is second-to-none in my opinion and I find great satisfaction in helping people achieve this.
  • I am a serial-entrepreneur and have my ‘fingers in many pies’.
  • I have helped many friends/family members start successful businesses and I don’t intend to stop!