Glitter disco child started from nothing in 2017 just selling glitter, and then made a collaboration collection with four female influencers which helped to grow the business. I then moved onto festival clothing which did well but decided to go into everyday wear which really opened up and widened our audience. The business is still small with only myself but is definitely still growing organically. I have just released a collection which made over £1000 in 24 hours, this was done completely organically by posting on Instagram to our committed followers and returning customers. I really do believe with the right funding and expertise the business could be as big as Jaded ldn or Ragged Priest. People love the brand and the clothing so I would be happy to stay an employee in the creative side of the business so it keeps it’s flare and vision which is received extremely well, I just unfortunately do not have the expertise in other areas or funding to advertise to a wider audience.