Company name: sempreuk ltd

We have active accounts  on twitter, instagram, pinterest and Facebook under sempreuk.

We have domain with one email through godaddy paid until 11/21.

We have a shopify store it’s a monthly committetment of $29 p/m that can be stopped at any time.

We have a seller account on amazon, eBay and etsy. You will also get all the written content, pictures and videos we have collecting in the last 2 years through Dropbox.

You will get access to the Facebook ad account we have been running for the last 2 years. We purchased the bag at £16 including shipping to UKand VAT but this price can be reduced. We have made around £15-10 a bag after paying all expenses. I will be happy to sell the company and the waiting list for £2000.

I would like the company to carry on as it’s took me a year to design the product and it has amazing reviews. We have sold 1400 bags in our spare time as I have other 2 businesses. The product is good and we have great reviews I just don’t have time to move this further.

This store is ideal for someone that knows how to run Facebook ads for e-commerce.

We also have an agreement with NCT to promote our brand on their website and newsletters for 5% contribution to all sales profits no turnover.The company is also registered in company house.

As this was our first e-commerce we have invested a lot money to set it up and last month of trading we sold £10000 in January alone. Thank you Valentina