Costa Rican BioDental was established in August of 2013 and is a holistic and biological dental clinic for patients from many different religious, spiritual, and new-age belief systems to receive complementary dental treatments, therapies, protocols and procedures.

An All on 4 dental surgery with a maxilofacial surgeon costs $30,000 USD and can charge thousands of dollars more in additional services, online tele-medicine, virtual treatment planning, followup maintenance, lodging, medicinal food, nutritional suppliments, and PDF digital electronic treatment plan and protocol downloads.

Usually patients like to share their unique dental experiences obtained with us in order to also serve some of their closest friends and family members resulting in multiple secondary and third-tier patient revenue streams from an ever-increasing user base of both local and international patients.

Costa Rican BioDental has 176 followers on Instagram, and about 840 followers on Facebook. You can read more here…

We make money from selling both conventional, complimentary, and alternative dental treatments, therapies, protocols and procedures to a local and international base of patients adopting many different religious, spiritual, and traditional belief systems.

Our inability to prepare for a post covid-19 world has left us with a pile of built-up debt to repay to present landlord, equipment providers and local government and regulatory entities. We wish to put it all behind us as soon as possible in order to comply with all of the certification standards, regulatory requirements and accounting and reporting processes that we must maintain in order to remain legally in business.

As the clinic has never been dentist owned, it is prime for working with venture capitalists looking to expand markets in central america. Seller is happy to stay on board and provide post-sale support or even completely run, operate and execute the business’s strategy turnkey for the owner while expanding it’s additional services in the complementary and alternative medicines market.